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Sprint Enduro Opener

March 12th/13th
Revesby Lincs PE22 7NB

For the first time in years RAW Enduro are starting their competitive events a little sooner in 2022.

March 12th 13th sees the NEW Sprint season fire into life with the first Metzeler Super Sprint rounds 1 and 2 running that weekend. This is the re run after storm Eunice halted the original date.

What a Super Sprint?

At all 3 weekends (6 Rounds total) Riders will run a sighting lap each day before timed laps start at 10am. The Super Sprint aspect means when riders finish the timed test they will ride a short liaison "Out loop" which then runs back to the paddock. This will reduce the amount of time between each timed test, and crucially means riders won't get cold waiting sometime 20 minutes for their next lap. All in all More bike time and more for spectators to watch.

Revesby is a Fantastic Woodland venue which has terrain very similar to the Muntjac, loamy Sandy Soil rides really well, a great mix of fast flowing and bermed up corners will be the order of the day.
Awesome flat paddock parking with a good farm access lane able to deal with larger vehicles no problem.

Camping and test walking available for Competitors from Friday.
NO riding test on any form of Electric bike.

Live Transponder Timing with Test times via Smartphones.

100 Riders MAX - Enter early via the RAW Enduro APP.

IOPD Permitted Event
Annual IOPD Licences 25 - Day Licences 15 - Both Available at the event signing on.
Weekend Saver Deals available for both days' bookings.
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