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Wade Young is victorious in another race!

This past weekend Wade Young and Mario Roman were at the start of the second round of the hard enduro world championship, the Extrême Peyratoise, a classic race organized on the grounds of the Gilles Lalay Classic.

The riders set off very early in the morning with 2 laps on a special selection course whose results determined the starting order of the race. The actual race begins in the afternoon and ends at around 8:00 p.m. The race course included the famous Côte du Corbeau Mort.

Wade Young:

"A perfect day for me at Peyratoise Extreme, starting with the 2 specials early in the morning with the icy conditions, finishing 2nd with the 2 specials combined. The main event in the afternoon I got off to a good start and found a good rhythm and pushed all the way to the end. Happy with my performance and felt good with the bike. Great way to start the year with 2 wins!"

Mario Roman, also performed well. After a difficult start to the day in the icy conditions and a few crashes, he managed to fight hard throughout the day and caught the leaders. He finished in 3rd place. It's a great reward for the whole team to have both of our riders on the podium!

Mario Roman:

"Peyratoise Extreme, for sure a tough one, started the day at 4 a.m, then ride special test and liason about 1h of riding in the dark and frozen ground. I rode smooth with no major crashes and i was happy enough. I made a better second lap with a bit more speed than before.

Start the main event at the 8th position, and i passed until 3-4 position very quick. Since that i just rode with Antoine Criq for 3 quarter of the race and then i pushed more and get the 3rd place."