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So...here it is ..let's see...WOR EXTREMISM 2024..big prizes...a new WOR Enduro Sport based 3rd fun extreme enduro series .. Back to boosting ..With a prize pot.. 1000 to the winning pro or expert rider.. 500 to Clubman and 500 each to winning over 40 and over 50...product prizes of Metzeler tyres and other well worthy stuff to other classes... so for various personal and business reasons in the last few years ..poorly mum..No or low entries in the Extreme scene.. having taken my eye off the "extreme " circus since retiring the original UK EE.. 

The Tough One..years back...we have ticked over ..with TOLB and the T100.. as our only EE for a while ... so due to a new bounce in the scene we had a chat as an organising team the other day and have decided at WOR to give a new mini series ago for this year ..and again ...like in the past..be the only organisation to throw some prize money at the riders ...BUT ONLY IF the riders support it... the events will all run anyway..even as stand alone events if we don't get the signed up registrations.. the DEAD ARD COUSIN..24th Feb...

THE SNOWFLAKE ( mrs Doreen Ireland memorial) 24th march...then LITTLE BROTHER.. in Nov 24 with the T100/F120 coming in as a wildcard in June maybe??.. to make this series of events be a championship...and offer over 4000 in prizes..we want you to simply send an email to Entries@worevents.com and state name / address / riding class and the words " REGISTERING FOR EXTREMISM 24 All 3 rds".. it costs NOTHING to register your commitment.. I if we get a proper number of folk signing up.. ie over 70...we will go ahead.. the cut off to register is 14th Feb 24.. in the meantime entries will open for the Dead Ard Cousin...in next day or so...I'll leave it with you folks ..see if it happens or not... 

Thanks for reading..cheers Steve and team..