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ACU offer Support to the Under 23 Enduro Training Squad for 2013

The ACU Trials and Enduro Committee are pleased to announce that once again they will be providing some financial support to riders in the ACU Under23 Enduro Training Squad to assist with their participation in the 2013 FIM Europe European Enduro Championship.

An initial A Squad has been selected and consists of: Steve Holcombe, Jack Rowland, Rob Johnson, Rhian George, Gethin Humphreys and Owain Humphreys.

The “B” squad of Joshua Gotts and Brad Freeman will also receive some support in early rounds and their progress will be monitored for progression into the A squad.

The 2013 FIM–European Championship consists of 4 rounds in 2013 starting in Italy on April 27/28th before moving to France (June 8/9th) then Czech (24/25th Aug) and culminating in the European Final in Portugal on 18 -20th October.

The European 3 day Final in October also consists of the European Nations Trophy and the Club Teams Trophy and it may well be worth any ACU clubs who are unable to contest the ISDE giving some consideration to this event which in many ways is rather like a mini ISDE.


The Trials & Enduro Committee are currently reviewing the whole concept of the British Enduro Championship, and would ask for applications for rounds next year so that they can be looked at in advance.


We have PROVISIONAL UEM & FIM dates (see attached) which will give you a guide to their fixtures, although as they are provisional dates, they could alter.

The Committee would like an indication of what time of year you propose to run, although we realise that it may not be possible to be accurate at this early stage.

It would be helpful if you could reply by e-mail (alison@acu.org.uk) by 24th AUGUST 2012.

The full National Provisional Calendar cannot be confirmed until the FIM and UEM dates are agreed and published in the autumn.

If you have any queries, please contact Alison Devine by e-mail alison@acu.org.uk or by telephone 01788 566409.


The ACU are pleased to announce that there has been a great deal of interest in the 2012 ACU British ISDE Trophy and Junior teams and would like to thank all potential riders for putting their names forward.

  • The following people will be considered for selection to represent Great Britain in the Trophy team.
  • Paul Edmondson 
  • Jason Thomas 
  • Jordan Rose 
  • Lee Edmondson 
  • Matt Ridgway 
  • Ricky Mair 
  • Mark Roberts 
  • Simon Wakely
  • Daryl Bolter 
  • Rich Ely 
  • Ash Wood 
  • David Knight 
  • Tom Sagar 
  • Arran Poolman 
  • Jamie Lewis

The following will be considered for selection to represent Great Britain in either the Junior or the Trophy team.

  • Alled Lloyd Price 
  • Declan Helliwell 
  • Joe Mitchinson 
  • Neil Chatham 
  • Aaron Edwards 
  • Alun Jones 
  • Bradley King 
  • Steve Holcombe 
  • Jonny Walker
  •  Rheinallt Davies 
  • Joe Deakin 
  • Jack Rowland 
  • Alex Rockwell 
  • Nathan Etheridge 
  • Arran Wells 
  • Tom Crump 
  • Max Varney 
  • Danny McCanney 
  • Frazer Norrie 
  • Jamie McCanney 
  • Tom Howe

If any one thinks they have put their name forward and it’s not above list they are requested to contact the Team Manager on 07866695630.

Applications for 2012 U23 Enduro Squad

Applications for the U23 Enduro Squad are now invited, primarily from riders competing in the British /Sprint/Extreme Enduro Championship at Championship or Expert level.

To be eligible, riders must be under 23 years of age or become 23 during 2012.

The selected squad members will be given financial support towards travel / accommodation costs incurred when attending UEM Enduro Championship events and possibly in addition, some home based training sessions.

In the first instance please contact Mary Kerr at ACU HQ on 01788 566403 /email mary.kerr@acu.org.uk   with a request for an application form.

Please note that we intend to select the Squad as soon as possible in February so please respond quickly.

ACU Calls for a Fair Deal in Forestry Policy as Campaign is Launched to Preserve Access Rights

The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) is calling for DEFRA's 'Independent Forestry Panel' to take off road motorcycle sport seriously as the Government's Review into future policy for the Forestry Commission commences.

The ACU welcomed February's U-turn by Government which cancelled the controversial sell-off of Forestry Commission Land, but is today warning that off road motorcycle sport could still be under great threat. This is because it is feared that the newly announced independent panel of experts could be more concerned with environmental issues, bio-diversity and commercial logging, than it will be with the needs of motorcycle sport.

The ACU are calling for the panel to engage in constructive dialogue on the issue of access for sporting events and the sustainability of these events. It is of high importance that the access to forestry land is preserved to allow for the enhancement of motorcycle sport, as this is a popular spectator activity and offers a unique and diverse way of exploring the countryside. With over one million spectators attending off road events within the UK each year, it is clear that the public strongly supports off road motorcycle sport.

The ACU has decided to campaign actively for the preservation of motorcycle sport on Forestry Land. As a result of this, member clubs and other concerned off road riders are asked to write to their MPs to seek their support for off road motorcycle sport on Forestry land.

ACU Chairman Brian Higgins said: "If we can build up enough pressure, via MPs, on DEFRA with regard to the positive contribution of the sport, then this will help to influence any decisions that the Secretary of State will ultimately make. It would also be helpful if the Forestry Review Panel was also persuaded to take the sport seriously in their deliberations."

The ACU are highly concerned that a balance is maintained between environmental protection, biodiversity, sustainable use, public access and access for a range of public sport activities, both motorised and non-motorised, which are of low environmental impact in aggregate.

Mr Higgins added: "There is a strong need to ensure that the bio diversity of forestry land is protected and land is sustainably used. However, the ACU urges the panel to resist the urge to 'museumfy' forestry land which is what would happen if the panel recommended the cessation of motorised sport activity to the Secretary of State."

Forestry ‘Expert Review Panel’ Must Recognise Motorcycle Sport say the ACU

The Government announced on 17th February that the proposed consultation into ‘privatising’ of thousands of acres of state-owned woodland in England had been dropped by ministers. This has been strongly welcomes by the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) The overhanging threat of forestry land being sold and the impact on motorcycle sport within England has been a matter of deep concern for the ACU and the Industry over recent months.

The ACU welcomes the announcement that a new panel of experts will be set up to look at the public access and biodiversity within the publicly owned woodland. The ACU is involved in the running of a number of off-road sports held on forestry land, events such as Enduros, Trials and Cross Country events would have been heavily impacted by the intended sale, Large numbers of ACU clubs had already expressed great concern about the effect that the selling of Forestry land would have upon Off road motorcycling, in particular, about the potential loss of venues and for this reason had been campaigning against the proposal.

With the announcement of the new Expert panel on Biodiversity and Public access the ACU are calling for the panel to engage in constructive dialogue on the issue of access for sporting events and the sustainability of these events. It is of high importance that the access to forestry land is preserved to allow for the enhancement of motorcycle sport, as this is a popular spectator sport and offers a unique and diverse way of exploring the countryside. With over one million spectators attending off road events within the UK each year, it is clear that the public strongly supports off road motorcycle sport.

Off road motorcycling sports is a notable economic generator, creating around £0.75 billion per annum. This money is often seen supporting the local economy with Hotel’s, B&B’s, bars and restaurants all seeing a large gain of income around events as the spectators and teams make a weekend of events. In many cases Off Road Motorcycling sports have a very positive role in society, which engages young people in physical activity and helps to heavily reduce illegal motorcycle riding within rural communities.
This announcement has come as a huge success for all people involved within the motorcycling industry, as it is hoped that the planned review will now allow for the sport to continue within many forests of England.

ACU Chairman Brian Higgins said, “Although the cancellation of the consultation is good news, the challenge for motorcycle sport remains in relation to the debate over land access. ACU feels that the newly announced panel should take into account the positive impact and effects of off road sport on society. It is vital that the panel takes a ‘holistic’ view of forest access, so that all sections of society can use this valuable public resource in a sustainable manner – including the organisers and spectators of properly organised, environmentally aware motorcycle sports events”.

Riders Be Aware of Conduct

Unfortunately, it has been reported that at recent events, some riders have been paying little heed to instructions given to them by Marshals and Officials.

Regulations, Final Instructions and all Briefings and Notices given at an event are of paramount importance if we are to keep motorcycle sport safe and enjoyable for all. Such instructions are not given on a “whim” but to ensure things run correctly. Even more disturbing, is the fact that some Officials have been receiving verbal abuse from some riders when they are attempting to carry out their duties.

Officials are the life blood of our sport, who give up their time so that riders can participate, and without them motorcycle sport would soon disappear – regardless of who is running it. Please let this be a clear and concise warning to all riders, whatever their status.

The ACU will not tolerate verbal abuse of Officials, and furthermore expect the instructions of these Officials when carrying out their duties to be adhered to without question. All riders please take this as a very sincere warning, and one I suspect other organisations will also support.

John Collins ACU Trials and Enduro Chairman & ACU Vice Chairman

A New ACU Championship -
Great Success

The Fast Eddy Xtreme British Championship took place at the weekend for the first time, and proved a great success for both the riders and fans. The Xtreme Enduro event provided a good start to the forthcoming season for all the riders involved such as David Knight, Tom Sager, Dougie Lampkin all looking to capture the first title of the year.

The event was well supported with a strong crowd turning out to support the meeting held at Tong near to Bradford which featured a full entry of riders in all classes. New ACU Chairman Brian Higgins who was at the event commented, 'We are delighted that Paul Edmondson chose to run this event under the ACU and what a tremendous success it was. Paul and his team spent many days planning and laying out the course which proved just right for the full entry. It was also good to see the Youth riders sampling part of the course which will give them a good insight into what Enduro riding is all about. I am sure the ACU Trails and Enduro Committee will work with Paul over the next few months to ensure this is an annual fixture and maybe expand into a two or three round series for 2012'.

After the busy weeks leading up to the event Paul Edmondson was able to look back on the event and had these words to say, 'Now that the event is over I can sit back and take on board what has been one of my most satisfying achievements as an event organiser, the feedback we have received has been fantastic from both riders and spectators, for this event to be a British Extreme Enduro Championship has been truly successful for ourselves fasteddyracing.com and the ACU who have backed me and my crew all the way. I'm looking forward to the future and continuing our partnership with the ACU'.

144 machines

It has been brought to the attention of the ACU Trials & Enduro Committee that some riders may have entered the E1 Class at the forthcoming Muntjac Enduro, which is Round 1 of the British Enduro Championship on 144cc machines, which is not allowed. This is a clear breach of ACU Regulations and may lead to riders who have entered incorrectly facing disciplinary action. It should be noted that all riders have signed to confirm their acceptance of Regulations and the ACU National Sporting Code when they completed entry forms.
Additionally, as the event is already oversubscribed, riders that are falsely entering the E1 class are in effect taking spaces away from riders on genuine 125cc machines. Arrangements are presently being made for machine measurement tests to be carried out at the event.


The 2011 International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) will take place in Finland during the period 8 –13 August.

All riders who are interested in being considered for selection to ride in either the British Trophy or Junior teams for 2011 are invited to submit their interest in writing to the Team Manager before 7 February 2011. Particular interest is encouraged by riders that will be eligible for selection to the Junior team (under 23). Showing interest at this stage is not a commitment to ride.

The following events will be taken into consideration for team selection; FIM World Enduro Championship, UEM European Enduro Championship, ACU British Enduro Championship, ACU British Enduro Sprint Championship, ACU British Cross Country Championship, ACU Extreme events, GNCC and other overseas enduro type events, ACU British MX Championship, Other national level ACU MX competitions and other selected qualifying/training Enduros - Welsh 2 day etc.

Please send a letter or email detailing the following; your name, date of birth, passport number (must hold British passport), full postal address, telephone number (home and mobile), email address, any current sponsors and any notable achievements that you consider may influence selection to gbisdetm@yahoo.co.uk  or call 07866 695630 for address.

Selected riders will be expected to make some contribution towards the cost of the trip. However it is expected that those riders selected will be given the cost of the flight, entry fee, fuel and support, riding shirts, event license and insurance fees.

The ACU British ISDE Team are always looking for people or organisations that are prepared to help in anyway, if you think you may be able to assist, please do not hesitate to contact the Team Manager on the above email address.

British Cross Country Championship - Confirmation of Events

After a very successful inaugural Championship in 2010, the decision has been taken to continue the Championship with the same organisers for 2011.

This is predominantly to maintain a high standard in the series, and to build on the foundations established last year.

One noticeable addition is that an extra round has been allocated to Rideoffroaduk, and this should help the more Northern based riders to contest the series.

It is expected that the basic format will remain the same, although this has to be finalised over next few weeks and further details will be announced.

The dates and Organisers for the 2011 Championship are:-

March 27th - Rideoffroaduk

May 15th - Midwest

June 12th - Sidcup

Oct 16th - Rideoffroaduk

Additionally, the ACU Trials & Enduro Committee wish to offer the opportunity to any commercial concern to be the "Title Sponsor" of this British Championship series .

Any interested parties - Please contact T & E Secretary Mary Kerr in the first instance:

E-mail mary.kerr@acu.org.uk  or phone 01788 566403

Final round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship cancelled

THERE is much currently being written on various forums and websites regarding the cancelled final round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship last Sunday, so here are the facts from the Series Promoter ACU Events.

It is known that the Promoters have forged a much closer relationship with the Teams and riders during the season and certainly ACU officials were seen actively talking with them throughout the weekend.

The ACU Events team use "Metcheck" frequently in the lead up to all events and on Saturday afternoon it was known that at least four hours of rain was due to fall on Hawkstone Park overnight on Saturday, most likely between 4am and 8am. The decision had already been made to cut the famous Hawkstone Hill out due to the fresh wet area at the top.

The rain didn't actually arrive until around 5.30am on Sunday and by 7.30am the ACU Events team were seen to be in Race Control and by 8am, after a meeting with the Race Director, Clerk of the Course, Stewards and Series Manager a "Wet Meeting" timetable with an 11am start was released to the paddock. This was based on the fact that the current forecast at the time expected the rain to clear by 10.30am and the circuit was deemed to be rideable - once the running surface water had stopped.

When there did not appear to be any let up in the torrential rain at 10.30am, the Series Manager paid for a one to one talk with the Met Office and specifically spoke about the exact area. The response was that further heavy rain would continue until 12 noon, but then just 1.6mm would fall in the next two hour period and then no rain after that time. At this point, we should point out that the wet meeting schedule basically consists of 10-minutes free practise and then 15-minutes timed practice (Q1) for MX1 and MX2 and NO Superpole (Q2). This is then followed by two, instead of three, races for both classes, spread over the afternoon. The support class, in this case the Veterans, would have 10-minutes free practice and one race after the first MX2 and MX1 encounter.

A further meeting then took place in the Race Control and with no let up in the rain (and more importantly, the running water across various parts of the track) the opinion was that the event needed to be cancelled, but the Salop Club requested, via their Clerk of the Course, to have one final inspection, whereby they conceded that racing was impossible and the meeting was cancelled. We have to state that the club made every possible effort to get the event on.

This was immediately announced over the PA System and Teams and riders were also spoken to. Series Manager, Brian Higgins commented, "It is fair to say that teams were also consulted during the morning and most stated they were prepared to ride, even the two teams who knew they would automatically be champions if the event was called off. However, with a wet meeting schedule, ACU Events have made a pledge to teams that, if implemented, a wet meeting schedule would guarantee two races for each class. With the surface water, the Race Director could not make this guarantee, as it was obvious ruts and berms would fill with water."

There has been speculation about the event being re scheduled but the Promoters do not have provision for this and have announced that the Championship standings after round seven will be declared as the result. Race fans will have the chance to acknowledge the winners at a high profile presentation later in the year, possibly at one of the forthcoming Motorcycle Exhibitions.

Sign on the dotted line for motorcycle sport

ACU Motorcycle Sport News ACU license holders and motorcycle race fans are being urged to sign a petition to allow roads to be closed for sporting events without needing an Act of Parliament - a requirement that is holding back motorsport in England, Wales and Scotland.

The UK is losing out both in sporting and economic terms as a direct result of the law that requires an Act of Parliament to suspend the Road Traffic Act on a stretch of the public highway. Throughout Europe (and also in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man), ‘closed road’ events such as the Isle of Man TT, the North West 200 and the Ulster Grand Prix bring great benefit to the local communities in terms of tourism, economic prosperity and sporting kudos.

The UK government should provide a mechanism to deliver a Temporary Suspension Order (in association with local authorities) that would enable a limited annual number of ‘closed road’ events to take place in England, Wales and Scotland, with the associated benefits for the regions selected.

The Motor Sports Association is currently undertaking an economic impact assessment to support this proposal. Previous studies undertaken on behalf of the Jim Clark Rally, put the figure for that one event in excess of £3m – this leads the MSA to estimate that closed road rallying for a limited number of approximately 20 events a year, could deliver substantial benefit to local areas, particularly in the low season, of between £20m and £60m a year.

ACU Business Development Manager Dave Luscombe said: “The fact that you need an Act of Parliament to close roads in England, Wales and Scotland is certainly restrictive to event organisers and holding back our sport. Some of the best motorcycle racing in the world takes place on closed roads at the Isle of Man TT and we think by offering a Temporary Suspension Order there may be even more high quality events for motorsport fans to participate in and visit – all with lots of benefit to the local area and economy. If you support motorsport then please sign the petition.”

To sign this petition and support motorsport in the UK, simply go to http://www.petition.co.uk/msa  and follow the brief instructions, it will take less than a minute to complete and verify your signature.

2011 Dates

The Trials & Enduro Committee would like to start planning the 2011 National Enduro calendar and initially applications for the Metzeler British Enduro Championship only are invited

Once again, in order to allow some flexibility, the Committee would ask Organisers to give 3 dates, in order of preference. By having this information at the outset, it will save time later in the year.

Provisional 2011 FIM & UEM calendars are attached but please note that the National Provisional Calendar will not be issued until the FIM and UEM dates are confirmed and published in the autumn.

The Date Application form should be countersigned by your Centre Secretary (if applicable) and returned to the ACU Office as early as possible, even if the fixture is provisional.

Once the BEC dates are in place, applications for the remaining Championship and National fixtures will be invited

If you have any queries, please contact Alison Devine by e-mail alison@acu.org.uk  or by telephone 01788 566409.

With immediate effect from 21/5/2010

  • Silencers become a marked part at Technical control , an addition to ACU Championship Regulations 6.1.12
  • When machines are Sound tested at Tech Control - only machines that pass this test are allowed to Start the event.

Current noise level : 94 dBA measured at 11 m/sec mean piston speed


  • During the whole event ( including before entering the Parce Ferme at the end of each day) the Sound Control Officer may check any motorcycle.
  • If a machine is checked during the event and the sound level exceeds 2 dB/A above the maximum allowed, the rider will receive a penalty of 60 sec's
  • At the end of the lap at service control, a rider who has incurred this penalty will be allowed to change the silencer , but must inform the Check personnel that they have done so - and the silencer is liable for re-marking.

No extra time shall be granted to a rider to change a silencer it must be accomplished in normal service time

  • At any subsequent Sound test during that day a rider whose machine fails a sound test for the second time, by exceeding the maximum level by more than 2 dBA will be disqualified from that day.

In Addition:

When random Sound tests are conducted during the event, it will be recommended that they be situated in a suitable place e.g before a Service check, and if possible before a check where it is envisaged riders will have ample time

A rider selected for a random test can claim a 10 min delay as per 2.4 Enduro ACU Regulations , and must wait 10 min's before proceeding, and all subsequent checks of the day will be plus 10 min,s.

Alternatively, a rider may, if they wish, proceed immediately after the Sound test without waiting any additional time, and revert to their standard schedule , with no subsequent delay at checks

This decision will rest entirely with the rider, and any rider who chooses to do so must sign the declaration provided by the Sound control officers to this effect.


New Government – the ACU calls for a new approach to bike sport

THE ACU is calling on the new Government to act early on supporting motorcycle sport and the benefits it brings to the UK in order to safeguard the sport and industry.

Bike sport contributes £750-million to the UK economy and more than 55,000 people participate regularly but the Department for Culture, Media and Sport doesn’t recognise motorcycle or motorsport in general and this is holding back the development and in some cases legality and safety of bike sport in the UK.

ACU public policy expert Craig Carey-Clinch said: “Motorcycle sport is one of the most popular spectator sports in the UK and contributes enormously to the economy. Because bike sport is so exciting and appeals largely to young males, it is very good at dealing with social inclusion and helping disenfranchised youngsters find a path out of crime - it offers a major social benefit for the community.

“It is time that the Government recognised motorcycle sport in the mainstream and recognised the motorcycle sport Code of Practice under the Road traffic Act. This will allow bike sport to flourish and continue to contribute the financial and social benefits, while growing under a Government recognised mandate. This will help to discourage rogue and badly run events as well as making the sport safer and more exciting for all.”

The ACU operates within a Code of Practice which sets a minimum standard for the organisation and management of motorcycle sport events. The new Government is being called upon to recognise this Code of Practice as a nationally required minimum standard, and insist that it applies to all ‘awarding bodies’ listed under the Road Traffic Act.

“The Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition heralds a new start in British politics and we are hopeful that the Government will listen to our concerns and give the recognition and support that is deserved. This is an opportunity for bike sport and we will be doing all we can to lobby Ministers to support us – letters are being written now and we look forward to early responses.”

To illustrate the scale of the rogue events, there are 26.000 riders licensed by the ACU to compete in Road Racing, Motocross, Trials, Enduro and Grass Track but currently over 55,000 riders (twice the number of licensed riders – and therefore many of them are riding outside the Code of Practice and insurance/coverage of the ACU) take part in over 8,000 ‘off road’ events alone.
For more information on the ACU, visit www.acu.org.uk

ISDE 2010 Mexico

At the CER (FIM Enduro Commission) meeting in October they have changed the dates for all Federations to notify the FIM of the number of teams they wish to enter into the ISDE and consequently the date that the organiser has to notify the Feds how many teams and riders have been accepted.

Dates are as follows -: 

We must notify the FIM of the number of teams we wish to enter by 15 February in the year of the event.

The organiser must notify the FMN’s how many teams have been accepted by 28 February in the year of the event.

A meeting for potential team managers will then have to take place some time during January - the middle of January ??? in order to give teams time to organise themselves . We will sort one out and let you know.

Please contact me with requests for teams- just note that only 24 bikes can be taken in the one container, so our club teams will be limited unless some are going to look at the option of hiring machines over in Mexico – (no I don’t have any details yet )

Kind regards,

Mary Kerr. ACU Trials & Enduro Secretary, +0044 (0) 1788 566403, mary.kerr@acu.org.uk 

Applications for 2010 U23 Enduro Squad

Applications for the U23 Enduro Squad are now invited, primarily from riders competing in the British Enduro Championship at Championship or Expert level. To be eligible, riders must be under 23 years of age or become 23 during 2010.

The selected squad members will be given financial support towards travel / accommodation costs incurred when attending UEM Enduro Championship events and possibly in addition, some home based training sessions.

In the first instance please contact Mary Kerr at ACU HQ on 01788 566403 /email mary.kerr@acu.org.uk  with a request for an application form.

Please note that we intend to select the Squad as soon as possible in January so please respond quickly.

British Youth Motocross engines in the clear

Following the hard work carried out by members of the ACU Motocross Committee over the last few seasons it was perturbed to see a number of posts on certain motocross forums, suggesting that there were some issues with riders in the ACU Express Insurance British Youth Motocross Championship running oversized engines. The ACU stepped in with assistance from ACU Technical Official Dave Young, and FIM/CMS Chief Technical Officer at Grands Prix, Andy Summers, to clear up the rumours.

Both Technical Officers carried out numerous engine measurements at Cusses Gorse, which hosted round five of the ACU Express insurance British Youth Motocross Championship over the weekend. Due to time constraints further engines were sealed and will be stripped for measurement at a future date. The officials were pleased to announce that none of the engines that had been stripped and measured were outside of the regulations confirming the belief of the Committee that cheating in this way is not rife throughout the paddock.

The ACU Motocross Committee works hard to ensure that there is a level playing field for all of the competitors at its events and that everyone adheres to the rules.

The sixth round of the ACU Express Insurance British Youth Motocross Championship will take place at the traditional venue of Low Gelt Farm near Brampton in Cumbria on the 29th – 30th August where the organisers will endeavour to continue the good work put in by Hucklebridge Events this weekend.

FIM World Long Track Championship Team announced

The ACU Grass Track Committee has selected its four riders to represent the UK at the World Championship held at Eenrum (KNMV) on Sunday 16th August.

The four riders are Paul Hurry, who has the honour of being Captain of the team, Glen Phillips, Andrew Appleton and Richard Hall.

All four are extremely experienced riders and that is why they have made the grade. Hurry is making a come back from injury but he has won the Masters Championship on four occasions and is a former European Champion.

Phillips is also a former Masters Champion as well as finishing third in the World Long Track Championship. He has competed in the World Team Championship twice before and both times the ACU Team finished on the rostrum, a very positive accolade.

Appleton, a former Masters Champion also shares Phillips experience of racing at World level as he was part of the World Team Championship in 2007 when the ACU team finished second in the world.

Hall is a keen Long Track rider and mixes his Sheffield Speedway commitments with Grass and Long Track when ever possible keeping flexible within the disciplines. He has qualified for the World Long Track Championship in 2009 and was also in the World Team Championship in 2008.

During the last three years the ACU team has achieved two third places and a second place, this time it is going all out for the win.

Rob Smith, Team Manager said: “Paul will act as team captain and Richard is our reserve. I will be resting team members in one or more races and using Richard to replace the resting team member, but I will make my final decisions of where and when on the day. My goal as team manager is to bring home the World Championship this year.”

Motocross of Nations Short List announced

The ACU, through its appointed Team Manager, Mark Eastwood, has announced a short list of five riders for the 2009 Motocross of Nations to be held in Italy in early October.

Only three riders will travel to the event, one MX2, one MX1 and an MX open class rider, who may be on any capacity machine from 250cc to 600cc.

Eastwood has named Stephen Sword, Shaun Simpson, Tommy Searle, Billy Mackenzie and Brad Anderson as the squad he will choose the final three from later in the season.

Eastwood said: “At the moment I’ve got my rider line up down to Brad, Billy and Tommy. Then I obviously need to keep an eye on Shaun and see how he comes back from his injury. Stephen Sword is also in the frame, there are others that I have thought of but for this year these are the guys to consider. Maybe it will be different for next year.”

Eastwood, who still competes at British Championship level, will now be talking to all five riders and their respective Team Managers. He has been given a budget from the ACU to support the British effort. Eastwood will monitor the five riders in both British and World Championship events and has close contacts in the States to keep an eye on Searle. No pressure will be put upon Simpson until he returns from his early season injury.

Motocross Committee Chairman, Brian Higgins added: “Mark has been given the job and we will leave the final selection completely with him. We do not have to submit our entry until early September and I expect the choice to be made fairly close to that time, as three of his squad are currently struggling with injuries”

ACU delighted with LARA High Court Success

The ACU is delighted with the outcome of a High Court case, which has restored four green lanes in the Yorkshire Dales National Park for use by recreational motor vehicles.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park imposed a full-time prohibition of driving order which was challenged by the Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA). Judge Behrens stated that the Park Authority had not conducted the necessary level of balancing of movement of traffic, and the decision to exclude recreational motor vehicles from ‘green lanes’ in the National Park was deemed irrational.

LARA has worked hard over a number of years to regulate and manage the use of green lanes in the National Park, it has also lobbied for national legislation against recreational motor vehicle activity in the Park.

Geoff Wilson who is a past member, and chair, of the YDNP Local Access Forum has become an advocate of LARA and the off road community. Following the courts decision he said: “I have a great fondness for the Yorkshire Dales and in many respects applaud the examples set by the Authority, but there are examples of the Authority acting unfairly and without appropriate balance for all elements of the Park community. The issues exposed by this judgment are a clear illustration that my concerns are well founded.

“Through YDNPA intransigence this case must have cost the YDNPA, and tax payers, upwards of £50,000. It is time and money that need not and should not have been expended had the NPA been more rational in its approach. As a gesture of goodwill LARA even withdrew part of its original claim and made offers that would have avoided the greater part of these costs but typically in arrogance the Authority turned them down and cost the taxpayers a lot of money.”

LARA now urges the YDNPA to go back to the considered proposals of its Advisory Group as the basis for any orders to be remade, and undertakes to work positively with the YDNPA to achieve a fair balance of management measures.

The lessons learned from this case are widely applicable to the making of traffic regulation orders everywhere, and not just on green lanes. The rules and considerations identified here apply to sealed roads just as much, and will help regulate spurious ‘access only’ prohibitions.

Awards Night
Report by Bob Mullins Photos Brian George

On Saturday night, the glitterarty of British motorcycle sport gathered in the palatial Park Inn hotel, Northampton for the annual ACU Dinner & Presentation of Awards to the Champions of 2008. Pressure washed & pressed into their Djs, the great & the good assembled to celebrate the achievements of the best.

ACU General Secretary Gary Thompson MBE opened the evening by congratulating the legendary Sammy Miller on his award of an OBE in the New Years Honours list. The new Lockton award was created this year to recognise the essential contribution of marshals to the sport & the first recipient was Anne Egglestone. The presentations took place between the courseshe & the order was significant. First came the road racers & dragsters for a quick getaway. Then the MX, rally & grasstrack before the trials. 3 hours of drinking wine & clapping is a trial. One veteran trials rider scored a 5 on the steps to the stage - both climbing up & coming down. Finally came the Enduro riders who know how to pace themselves.

Chairman of the T&E committee John Collins Mc'd the Enduro awards assisted by Mary Kerr. Retiring ACU president Ted Bartlett presented the ISDE Trophy & Junior teams (above) with their medals. Although the team dropped out of the top ten due to a couple of unforeseeable dnf's, individual riders like Ollie Moyce & Jason Thomas put in some sparkling performances. Ollie had a great European season & returned to the stage to collect his UEM Junior E1 award (right) & Jason's father Jeremy accepted the WMF Arthur Prince award on behalf of his son. Chris Blomfield of the BEC sponsor Metzeler presented the British Enduro Champion;s award to Tom Sagar, Tom is hoping to repeat his success in 2009 for Husaberg. Robert Jones won the E1 2 stroke & Simon Wakely was the E2 champion. Si has just returned from winter training with Mick Seward's MPS Husqvarna team in Spain. Edward Jones was the Best E3. He & his brother Robert will be competing in next weekend's Snowrun. Derrick Edmondson added the Veterans award to his large trophy cabinet. TM Uk rider Phillip McLoughlin from Northern was the Best Expert & James Yearly collected the E1 4T award. David Lloyd Jones from Mid Wales won the E1 2T Clubman Championship & Daniel Beaven was the best 4T Clubman. Matt Taylor & Nick Morgan at 46 years of age won the sidecar newcomers award.

Left to right: Tom Sagar (solo champion), Derrick Edmondson (veteran), Graham Jones & Simon Brown (sidecar champions)

Postscript: It was a splendid evening & both Gaynor & I would like to thank the ACU for their kind invitation.

The ACU is pleased to announce details, dates and venues of its Quad Motocross Championships.

First up is the ACU British MMX Quad Motocross Championship which will run over nine rounds with two championship races per round. With 34 riders it is sure to produce impressive racing with plenty of action. Five of the nine rounds will run alongside the ACU Open and Under 21 Solo Championships so quad fans can enjoy a full days racing. To keep up to date with the latest news visit the MMX Championship website at www.mmx.org.uk

ACU British MMX Quad Motocross Championship 2009 dates and venues

5th April West Devon MCC Mildenhall, Suffolk
19th April Quad Racing Scotland Duns, Borders
9th May Quad Racing Ireland Moneyglass, Toome, NI
24th May Frome &DMC&LCC Asham Woods, Frome, Somerset
21st June Nora MX Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon
12th July NETT Iveston & Satley Dean Moor, Cumbria
2nd August Glenrothes MCC Leuchars, Fife
16th August Wodbridge DMCC Blaxhall Pits, Suffolk
20th September Nora MX Culham, Abingdon, Oxon

The ACU British Youth Quad Motocross Championship is going from strength to strength as it now enters its second full season. Riders as young as six years old can take part with the upper limit set at 16-years of age. There is a comprehensive range of classes to suit all levels of rider skills starting with 50cc Production, 50cc Modified, 100cc Production, 100cc Modified, 100cc Geared, then moving up to 200cc Production, 200cc Modified, 250cc Production and 250cc Modified

ACU British Youth Quad Motocross Championship 2009 dates and venues

19th April Quad Racing Scotland Duns, Borders 
21st June Nora MX Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon
12th July NETT Iveston & Satley
20th September Nora MX Culham, Abingdon, Oxon

Up and coming Quad stars can compete in the ACU British MMX Quad Motocross Qualifying Championship with the top eight finishers being promoted at the end of the season to the main championship. All five rounds count towards the Championship and the riders' potential promotion.

ACU British MMX Quad Motocross Qualifying Championship 2009 dates and venues

19th April Quad Racing Scotland Duns, Borders
9th May Quad Racing Ireland Moneyglass, Toome, NI
21st June Nora MX Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon
12th July NETT Iveston & Satley
20th September Nora MX Culham, Abingdon, Oxon

To register for the above Championships or for further information please contact the ACU Motocross Department on 01788566404 or visit www.acu.org.uk 

Applications for 2009 U23 Enduro Squad

Applications for the U23 Enduro Squad are now invited, primarily from riders competing in the British Enduro Championship at Championship or Expert level. To be eligible, riders must be under 23 years of age or become 23 during 2009.

The selected squad members will be given financial support towards travel / accommodation costs incurred when attending UEM Enduro Championship events and possibly in addition, some home based training sessions.

In the first instance please contact Mary Kerr at ACU HQ on 01788 566403 /email mary.kerr@acu.org.uk with a request for an application form.

Please note that we intend to select the Squad before the end of the year, so please apply as soon as possible.

Apply for your first ACU Licence at the Dirt Bike Show

Next week will see thousands of off-road motorcycle fans drooling over the latest machinery and quality clothing or just searching through the thousands of items on offer at the 2008 Dirt Bike Show, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire (13th - 16th November 2008).

This year's show will include a special offer from the ACU. At the ACU Stand, C11 in Hall 1, visitors to the show will be able to find out about how they can experience the thrill of off road motorcycle sport.

But this year, the ACU will be offering visitors to its stand more than information. For anyone new to off road motorcycle sport - people who have never held an ACU competition licence before, or riders returning after an absence of five years or more - their first year's competition licence for an off road discipline has been reduced from £43 to £25.

Visitors to the Show who suddenly get the urge to apply for a licence will be able to sit down with a member of the ACU's Licensing Department and complete the application form, have their photograph taken and pay for the licence. Licences will then be posted out to applicants within 3 working days. And anyone applying for a licence on the stand won't leave empty handed, as everyone will get a special ACU 'Goodie bag'.

If you are already considering applying for a licence you can download the application form from the website, http://www.acu.org.uk/info/joinus.aspx, complete the form and a member of staff will ensure it is correct. To speed up the process you can bring along a passport photograph, whilst anybody applying for a Youth Licence should bring a photocopy of their birth certificate.

ACU Move to Open The Doors to British Bikesport

A new initiative by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) will make it easier and cheaper for new sporting riders and motorcycle clubs to enjoy their motorcycle sport with the ACU.

Along with most other sectors of the economy, motorcycle sport is feeling the effects of the much talked about ‘credit crunch’. This new initiative by the ’s National Governing Body for motorcycle sport is aimed at encouraging those who have never raced before to have a go, and existing clubs who are not currently running under the ACU to come and experience running sport as an ACU affiliated club.

For those new to off road motorcycle sport - people who have never held an ACU competition licence before, or riders returning after an absence of five years or more – the first year competition licence for an off road discipline has been reduced from £43 to £25.

The new initiative is also aimed at increasing the number of younger riders in off road motorcycle sport. Riders in the youngest age group of bikesport, 6 to 8 year olds, will be able to take advantage of a new licence fee of £25, which will be applicable until the end of the year in which their 8th birthday falls.

All of these changes have been designed to lower the barriers to participation in motorcycle sport, encouraging more people to ‘have a go’!

For existing or new sporting motorcycle clubs, the new initiative presents some equally attractive offer;

Any new club affiliating to the ACU in 2009 who wish to run their events under the ‘Basic’ or ‘Basic Plus’ Insurance Permit will get their first permit free and all other permits in their first year at half price.

This offer is aimed at helping new and existing clubs to establish themselves under the banner of the National Governing Body as ACU Affiliated Clubs.

ACU Chairman Jim Parker feels that these new initiatives are timely and will be welcomed by the sport generally,

“All of the Directors of the ACU are regularly involved in motorcycle sport at a grass roots level and we have all seen first hand the effects of the current economic pressures on participants and the sport in general,” explained Parker.

“We believe that this raft of new initiatives will bring some encouragement to those who want to ride with us, as well as organising Clubs who we believe would benefit significantly by organising their events via the Governing Body,”

For more information on this new initiative from the ACU please contact Dave Luscombe on dave@acu.org.uk  or Gary Thompson on gary@acu.org.uk 

 Congratulations to Hafren DBC

Chairman of the ACU's Trials & Enduro Committee and FIM Jury Member, John Collins wishes to congratulate the Hafren Dirt Bike Club for running an excellent World Enduro Championship Round at Llanidloes on 18th/20th July 2008.

Despite the best attempts of the Welsh weather on Friday and Saturday, the weekend provided great entertainment for the thousands of spectators who braved the conditions, with the broad consensus being that this was one of the best organised and most challenging World Enduro's witnessed for many years.

John Collins said, "The ACU Trials and Enduro Committee would like to pass on their thanks to the Hafren DBC for a superb event. They surpassed everybody's expectations, running an event that will undoubtedly become a benchmark for future rounds of the World Championship."

ACU Licence holders fill podium places at Motegi, Japan

This weekend's FIM SPEA World Trial Round at the Twin Ring Motegi in Japan on 31st May/1st June, provided an excellent example of the strength of talent this country has in the younger classes.

Whilst the current World Trial Championship standings have three, ACU rider's in the top 10 of the Championship - Dougie Lampkin 5th, James Dabill 8th and reigning Youth Champion Michael Brown 9th - the Junior Cup has three riders in the top 5, and the Youth Cup is being headed by another British rider.

The World Junior Cup saw three ACU riders fill the rostrum places on Day 2 of the Japanese Grand Prix, Alexz Wigg, Championship Runner Up at his first attempt in 2007, improved on his first days Second place, recording his third victory of the season and is now heading the Championship by 8 points.

Ross Danby, Youth Trial Cup Runner Up in '07, equalled his best result of the season, a Runner Up finish taking him up to 5th place in the standings. Sam Haslam's, (5th place in 2007's Championship) consistency continued taking the final rostrum place on Day 2, maintaining his 3rd place in the Championship.

The W orld Youth Cup saw another British rider climb the podium on both days. Jack Challoner earned a Runner Up spot on Day 1, but then went one better on the second day, allowing him to extend his lead in the Championship to 12 points.

John Collins, Chairman, ACU Trials and Enduro Committee said, "The World series is the ultimate challenge for all these riders. The dedication, commitment and expense demanded of all riders at this level is significant, so to see young British riders doing so well is very satisfying and demands our recognition and support."

Applications invited for 2009 European Trials & Enduro Championship events

The Trials and Enduro Committee wish to invite any ACU Centres and Affiliated Clubs who may be interested in hosting either a European Trials or Enduro Championship events to forward their applications as soon as possible.

With the large number of British riders taking part in these Championships, and each Training squad using their respective UEM Championship's to increase each Squad's rider development, there is likely to be high interest from each sport's fan base and media.

Any Club/Centre considering running any such event should contact Mary Kerr, 01788 566403 or e-mail mary.kerr@acu.org.uk, the deadline for applications is Thursday 5th June 2008.

Replacement round for Metzeler British Enduro Championship

Following the cancellation of the SCEC Round of the Metzeler British Enduro Championship, scheduled for September due to land issues, the Trials and Enduro Committee are delighted to announce the successful replacement venue.

The Central Wales Auto Club (CWAC) have agreed to host the Round on the same dates as originally scheduled, 20th/21st September 2008.

Clerk of the Course for the event, to be named 'The Knighton Enduro', will be Mark Vaughan, Secretary of the Meeting will be Marty Jones.

The Central Wales Auto Club were originally 'pencilled in' to hold Round 1 of this year's Championship, but unfortunately, issues with their land meant this being ruled out.

John Collins, Chairman, ACU Trials & Enduro Committee said, "I am delighted both for the Championship and CWAC that this final Round can still take place. It is important for the Championship, and its sponsor's Metzeler to have a reasonable number of Rounds counting towards the Championship, and also that discussions between the Club and the land owners have proved successful, showing that occasionally 'land issues' does not necessarily mean the total loss of a venue."

Sadly, with the unavoidable clash of dates between the FIM World Enduro Championship Round in Italy and the BAFMA's on 27th/28th September 2008, the final Round of the Metzeler British Enduro Championship, for Championship competitors will be Round 4, the Knighton Enduro, but the Expert, Clubman's, Veteran's and Women's classes will finish at Round 5, the Natterjack Enduro the following week.

Further information will be released in due course.


The ACU regrets to announce that due to land issues, the Southern Counties Enduro Club's round of the British Enduro Championship, which was to be held on the 20th & 21st September, has had to be withdrawn from the Championship for 2008.

SCEC Statement

If any other Club is interested in taking over this date in the calendar to run a round of the BEC, please contact Alison Devine either by e-mail alison@acu.org.uk or telephone 01788 566409 as soon as possible. A one or two day replacement would be considered.

Open Trials Forum 21st June 2008

The ACU's Trials & Enduro Committee would like to give advanced notice of a general Open Trials Forum for adults and youths, which will be held at ACU House, Rugby on Saturday 21st June 2008.

By holding the Forum earlier in the year it is hoped that there will be ample time to discuss the many and varied issues relating to Trials Championships and enable adequate time for any changes agreed to be included in the 2009 ACU Handbook.

Please note that a separate Forum will be held for the British Solo Trials Championship.

Enduro forum Report by Bob Mullins 

The Auto Cycle Union held their annual Enduro forum on Saturday 16th February at it's headquarters in Rugby. 

Mr E P Bartlett (ACU ISDE Organiser) Mr J Crimp (West of England MCC) Mr D May-Miller (Logistics Officer) Ms K Madeley (MWTRA) Mr A Martin (Trophy/Junior Trophy) Mr V Madeley (MWTRA) Mr K Williams (MCC of Wales) Mrs V Madeley (MWTRA) Mr P Hearn (RAF) Mrs S Powell (MWTRA) Ms D Harvey (St.George's) ) Ms L Powell (MWTRA) Mr M Seward (North Riding Enduro) Mr E Williams (Federation of Wales) Mr T Gilbank (North Riding Enduro) Mr B Mullins (Enduro News) Mr B Birrell (BAFMA) Mr D Johns (BAFMA) Mr B Jay (Witley MCC) Mr G Ayshford (Witley MCC) Mr I George (Witley MCC) Mr C Boniface (Witley MCC) Mr G McGregor (Bon-Accord MCC) Mr C Chatham (Melville MC) Mr S Davidson (SACU) Mr C MacKenzie (SACU) Mr N Hesleton (REME Enduro Team) Mr T Peck (Support Crew) Mr L Cordingley (Southern MCC IOM) Mr D Roberts (Southern MCC IOM Mr and Mrs King (Support Crew) Mr and Mrs Hearn (Support Crew) Mr J Collins (Chairman T&E Cttee) Mr M Bates (T&E Committee) Mr D Willoughby (V/Chairman T&E Cttee) Mr and Mrs Room (Support Crew)

Minutes Secretary: - Mrs A Bartlett


Mr Bartlett stated that as Greece had limited the numbers of riders to 450 there would probably be a maximum of 5 club teams plus the Trophy and Junior Trophy teams. Any club teams who are interested in going are required to pay a £1000.00 deposit by the 31st March, this is refundable if they do not get a place.

Cheques are to be made payable to: E P Bartlett Motorcycle Sports Club and forwarded to: The Conifers, West Promenade, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 6TZ

Mr Collins stressed that all clubs must be ACU affiliated, riders who were not experienced would no longer be allowed to go, they should preferably have ridden the British championships for at least 3 years at expert level, obviously there would be some exceptions which would be discussed on merit. By mid March there would be a priority list of teams and a reserve list, it would be mid June before it would be known how many club teams were allowed. Mr Bartlett said that he was in Geneva next weekend and would talk to one of the organisers who he knew very well and try to find out how many club teams were going to be allowed.

Trophy and Junior Trophy Teams Wales 2 teams Builth Wells 1 team West of England 1 team RAF 1 team Witley 2 teams St. Georges 1 team North Riding 1 team Southern IOM 1 team BAFMA 2 teams SACU 1 team Bon-Accord 1 team Total of 14 club teams


Only trophy and junior trophy teams were allowed official outriders, any unofficial outrider caught by the organisers could result in his whole team being excluded.


Mr Bartlett has booked a total of 100 beds in two hotels, The Galaxy and The Elena Palace. He hoped to have everyone in one hotel but had to book two due to the shortage of twin bedded rooms. They were booked to arrive on the 26th August and leave on the 8th September, a total of 13 nights. Cost would be £31.00 per person per night for bed and breakfast, there is very limited parking available outside the hotels.


Mr May-Miller stated that each team should consist of 3 riders, a team manager and 2 support as a minimum requirement, each team should have 2 vehicles, one to use on outchecks and one to travel between the parc ferme and hotel and to ferry riders to walk the tests. Mr and Mrs Room, Mr and Mrs Brettle, Mr and Mrs King and Mr and Mrs Hearn with Mr and Mrs Peck would be in charge of support crews again. He was looking into the possibility of hiring a 40 foot truck and taking the equipment in this to Greece, then hiring an empty container in Greece to use for storage. He could look into any discounts available for ferries from Italy to Greece, Mr Seward said that Motorsport York were very competitive on prices and could beat the internet, their number is 01759 301010. Mrs King asked if it would be possible to obtain passes to park their vans in the paddock for security at night as there was no parking at the hotels, Mr Bartlett said he would discuss this in Geneva.


There will be 3 out checks in the same place every day, the riders will come through the parc ferme every day at lunch time. If any of the support crews are not taking vans Mr May-Miller will arrange for their equipment to be taken out for them. The cost of support will be £250.00 per rider again.


Mr May Miller has enough jerrycans, quickfills and enviro mats. He also has 6/7 x 20l water containers for washing bikes, the water in Greece is safe to drink or bottled water can be bought out there if required. He is working on a deal at the moment for two stroke oil.


Mr May-Miller has enough to supply 3 or 4 at each check, in the parc ferme riders should have their own stand, moose board etc. According to FIM regulations every bike must have a side stand fitted, a sprocket guard, speedo and horn, if a new bike needs to be registered do it well in advance as the registration changes on 1st September and it will be a very busy time.

Mr Willoughby mentioned that the FIM are proposing to change the start order every day going on the results of the day before but this is not definite.


Mr May Miller has got 4 and the support crews also have their own.


No full regulations have been published yet, these will be approved in Geneva next weekend.


Mr May-Miller said that he would prefer not to rent phones as last year it was very expensive, it would be better if people used their own mobiles. There will be a nominated mobile at each check with a list of numbers and he would be prepared to reimburse calls made for official purposes.


Riders must have an insurance certificate or cover note with them when they sign on, this must be in their name and not their company etc. There would be the usual package for riders and for support crews, details would be emailed to team managers. It was queried whether the support crew insurance covered the crews when working, Mr Bartlett said that this was usually the case, also it was asked if the organisers would be doing an insurance package again, Mr Bartlett said he would check in Geneva.


Mr Martin said that he had the same deal for Trophy and Junior Trophy team clothing as he had last year. If the support crews give him their sizes well in advance he will make sure that they get the correct size clothing.


There are no details of the cost of entry yet so Mr Bartlett said he would add this to the list of questions to ask the organiser in Geneva.

Mr Collins then discussed the method of determining which teams had priority for entry, some changes were made to the points system.

Date of next meeting: Saturday 5th July 2008

The afternoon session concentrated on more general topics. A consultation document has been circulated through the centres to guage their interest in running Youth classes in cross country/H&H events. There will no longer be a need to set a "target" in H&H events. Bob Birrell expressed his disappointment that the Championship class at this year's Natterjack would not score points in the BEC as the event clashes with a World round. The growth of the WEC is making it increasingly difficult for British clubs to find suitable dates. This sparked a long debate. Lynton Powell, Campbell Chatham & Charlie Mackenzie spoke very persuasively that in future BEC organisers should set their dates irrespective of WEC dates & riders will have to choose if events clash. The paragraph referring to the late arrival allowance was read several times*. Clubs were reminded that Sportsman is a non competitive class & should only receive finishers awards. There was new provision in the handbook for Special Events such as extreme/indoor events.

* (e) Late Arrival Allowance. A rider is permitted to arrive at any time check, other than the 'start' time check, up to one full minute after his due time without penalty. This allowance is designed to cover normal delays and is called the 'Late Arrival Allowance' (LAA). Riders who are at any time check more than one minute late will be penalised 60 pts per minute in excess of the LAA according to the time indicated on the official clock. 

"Example: A rider due to arrive at 10.30 can arrive at 10.30.59 seconds & still be within his due time. If he arrives between 10.31 & 10.31.59 seconds he will not incur a penalty but he have to carry a minute. After 10.32 he will incur penalties.

2008 ACU British Ladies Motocross Championship

Following the crowning of Natalie Kane as ACU British Ladies Motocross Championship at the inauguration of the Championship at Howton Court in September 2007, the ACU Motocross Department are delighted to announce the increase to a two Round Championship for 2008. Both events will be incorporated in to the MMX Championship series and will run alongside the ACU British Open and Under 21 classes at the first and the final rounds. Transponders will be used for the timekeeping and results service which will be provided and sponsored by EMS Race IT. The venues and dates for the events are listed below.

Round 1 Matchams Park, Hampshire 24th February 2008

Round 2 Cusses Gorse, Wiltshire 31st August 2008

Championship Regulations and Entry Forms are now available from the ACU Motocross Department on 01788 566422/566404 or e-mail moto.cross@acu.org.uk  , You will also be available to download the forms on www.mmx.org.uk 

New 2008 ACU British Youth Quad Cross Championship

With the continuing growth of quad racing at European, British and Club level the ACU Motocross Department held a meeting at Rugby on 14th November 2007 with key members of the quad racing fraternity, including dealers and clubs.

The meeting discussed many aspects of developing this exciting form of motocross, including the need for a new youth championship, to encourage younger riders into the sport, help develop their talent through British Championship level and onto the new European Championship.

The ACU are now delighted to inform you of the classes, age groups and provisional dates, with organising clubs (venues to be confirmed), for the new ACU British Youth Quad Cross Championship.

Classification and age groups 50cc Auto Open Class 7 - 9 years old 100cc Open Class 9 - 13 years old 200cc Open Class 13 - 16 years old 250cc Open Class 14 - 16 years old

Provisional calendar Round 1 13th July 2008 Nett Quad Club Round 2 31st August 2008 Quad Racing Scotland Round 3 21st September 2008 Quad Racing Association To register for the 2008 ACU British Youth Quad Cross Championship please contact the ACU Motocross Department on 01788 566422/566404 or via e-mail moto.cross@acu.org.uk 

2008 British Enduro Championship

The ACU's Trials and Enduro Committee have received a cancellation for the scheduled venue for Round 2 of the 2008 Metzeler British Enduro Championship, but are hoping to successfully find an alternative to maintain the full, six Round series.

The Central Wales Auto Club Ltd who were due to organise the Radnor one day Enduro, as part of the BEC on 9th March, have announced that unfortunately they will have to withdraw from the Championship calendar due to land issues.

If anyone is interested in hosting a replacement round of the Championship on this date, please contact Mary Kerr or John Collins.

No 144cc in British Enduro Championship

The ACU Trials & Enduro Committee announces that there will be no capacity class changes within the E1 Enduro class in 2008. A topic, which has been subject to much debate in MX.

T & E Chairman John Collins states:

We understand the issues raised in MX and the decisions taken but obviously we need to look at the matter from an Enduro perspective. Some of our reasoning is:

If it is accepted that 144cc two strokes are now a better option in E1 to compete with the developments that have taken place to the 250cc Four strokes in recent years, then it must logically follow that these 144cc machines are a lot better than the current 125cc two strokes.

If then the E1 Enduro capacity class were changed to accommodate the 144's we believe that the riders who have previously purchased 125cc machines will be disadvantaged.

We have read about " kits" available to take these 125 two strokes to the new capacity, but information varies on their suitability. We also feel that to expect current 125cc competitors to have to invest in such kits to remain competitive on their current machines is both undesirable and an unnecessary cost.

There are no plans in 2008 for either the European or FIM Enduro Championships to change their capacity classes, which means that if the British Championship was changed to accommodate 144cc machines, their riders would not be able to use the same machine to compete Internationally. Even kits would not necessarily solve this problem - as in Europe the Technical documents/Log books have to be produced at administration - and frequent changes back and forth from 125 to 144 would surely be very difficult to achieve with the DVLA.

It has to be accepted however that since its original conception, the E1 class has seen developments with the 250cc Four Strokes that have placed the 125 two strokes at a disadvantage - although it could be argued that a study of results does not always confirm this, possibly because of Enduro being different to MX, and the requirement for competitors to ride 6-7 hours each day, which may give the lighter 125cc machines a chance to address the balance?

We are certainly not convinced that just increasing the capacity to 144cc is the answer. Why not 160, 180, 200? Surely if the four strokes continue to develop this may be suggested.

The T & E Committee have decided to try to address the problem in a different way, and for 2008 therefore will divide the E1 Enduro class into E1 Two Stroke and E1 Four stroke. Capacities within the class will remain the same as at present i.e Two stroke - 100cc to 125cc Four Stroke - 175cc to 250cc.

These changes will apply to British Championship only - and will be reviewed at the end of the year.

The E1 class in Non-Championship events will remain as currently published in the Handbook, but it should be noted here that there has always been the option for Non-Championship Organisers to include alternative classes as they wish.

Finally - the ACU are currently looking at new Technology in regard to engine measurement and it is envisaged that there will be engine measurement tests carried out in Championship events - so anyone tempted to cheat on capacities - beware!

Further congratulations from Trial and Enduro Committee

Following this weekends European Trial and Enduro competitions the ACU's Trials and Enduro Committee have, once more the opportunity to congratulate licence holders on their excellent achievements in 2007.

The final round of the Women's European Trial Championship took place in Hobol, Norway on Saturday 18th August and saw Becky Cook climb onto the second step of the podium, her best result of the season, finishing third in the Championship standings. Supporting her were fellow Trials Des Nation team member Donna Fox with a fifth place in the event and Championship standings, Emma Bristow 10th, 7th in Championship and Joanne Coles 11th - 8th in the Final standings.

The same day and venue also saw Jack Challoner crowned Champion of the Youth Trial UEM Cup, for the second year running, with another dominant performance, giving him a 100% record in this year's Championship. Supporting Jack was Ben Morphett who rode superbly for 3rd, his second podium finish and 4th in the Championship. Jonathan Richardson also claimed his best finish with 8th place, 10th in the Final standings, Joshua Maud and Jonathan Chambers also finished in the points, claiming 14th and 15th respectively.

Sunday 19th saw two more ACU Licence holders on the podium with Ross Danby in second place, taking his expected second place in the UEM Junior Championship, joined by Youth Champion, Challoner in 3rd place, finishing the older class with a Championship 9th.

The Country's European Enduro stars were also competing in Scandanavia, but at Heinola in Finland, the 3rd of the four Round Championship. Daryl Bolter is currently leading the E1 Senior class Championship following his 1st and 3rd in the two day event. The trio of Jones' are also within the top 12 of the current standings - Ed, 6th; Dylan, 9th and Robert 12th.

Another ACU licence holder is at the head of the E2/3 Junior class, Si Wakely recording his best and worst results of the season, his first win and a 4th place. The weekend also saw Oliver Moyce maintain his Championship 6th place, recording a 9th and 6th and Jamie Paget record his first top 15 finishes of the year, lifting him to 17th in the Championship standings. Greg Evans also kept his 3rd place in the E1 Junior class Championship standings, recording a 5th and 6th in Finland.

The final round of the European Enduro Championship takes place near Kiece, Poland on 22nd - 23rd September 2007.

John Collins, Committee Chairman said, "The Committee's decision to provide assistance for our young Trials and Enduro riders to compete at European and World level seems to be paying dividends. With the likes of Brown, Challoner, Cook, Danby and Wigg in Trials and Bolter, Evans, Moyce, Sagar, Wakely in Enduro the Committee are very much looking forward to watching these riders successfully compete at the highest level."

Manx 2-Day Trial 25th/26th August 2007

The ACU's Trials and Enduro Committee have been requested by the Isle of Man's Department of Agriculture to ensure that all competitors entering this weekends 2 day Trial present their bikes to the Machine Examiners in a 'showroom' condition.

With the outbreak of foot and mouth disease on the mainland, the Manx Authorities are understandably taking no chances and have stated that if machines are presented in a muddy condition, they will be refused entry into the competition.

Committee Chairman, John Collins said, "With the farmers current fear still very high over foot and mouth, we are very lucky to still have many events going ahead and I would ask all competitors to be sympathetic with the Manx residents and ensure their machines are thoroughly cleaned before being transported to the Isle of Man."

Metzeler ACU British Enduro Championship Round 1 Hafren 14th - 15th July 2007

John Collins, Chairman of the ACU's Trials & Enduro Committee invites you to the first round of the newly titled Metzeler ACU British Enduro Championship at Hafren, Powys on 14th & 15th July 2007.

In addition to it being the first round of the new Championship for Metzeler Tyres, Hafren will also be very important for organisers, the Hafren Dirt Bike Club in their bid to hold a World Enduro Round at the same venue in 2008, following their successful European Championship Round in 2005.

John said, "Firstly, I would take this opportunity to welcome Metzeler to the first round of their Championship and thank them once more for their support. Secondly offer Hafren Dirt Bike Club best wishes in their goal for 2008, they certainly have the experience to run such a large event."

A further boost to the event is the entry of World Championship leader Juha Salminen, who is making the trip from Finland to experience a British Enduro Championship round and possibly early preparation for the 2008 World Championship season!

Finally, with the obvious exception of David Knight, all members of the recently announced ISDE Team, Optoma Loans Team GB/ACU will also be in action at the event. ISDE Team Manager Dusty Martin will be taking advantage of this and organising a photo shoot for Saturday evening in the Parc Ferme. The time will be shortly after all riders have completed the day's event, approx 1700hrs.


John Collins, Chairman of the ACU's Trials and Enduro Committee is requesting proposals to run an ACU British Cross Country Championship in 2008. ACU Clubs, Centres and Promoters or potential ACU Promoters are invited to register their interest with Mary Kerr, ACU House, Wood Street, Rugby, CV21 2YX, direct line 01788 566403, or e-mail mary.kerr@acu.org.uk  by Friday 20th July 2007.

Further to receiving proposals, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the format of the Championship in detail with representatives of the Trials & Enduro Committee.

The Committee wish to emphasise that the current ACU Metzeler British Solo Enduro Championship will take priority regarding date reservations in the 2008 Calendar.

Transport Select Committee Motorcycle Strategy Report 2007

The Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) welcomes the publication of the Transport Select Committee's (TSC) Report into the Government's Motorcycling Strategy and its commendation of the ACU's work with Local Authorities to proved safe and legal riding opportunities for young people.

At a time when the Governing Body for Motorcycle Sport is devoting significant time and resources to fighting implications of proposed Off Road Registration Bill (1), the ACU welcomes the Transport Select Committee's own reservations about the impact of this proposed Bill on illegal riding.

Although in the matter of an off-road registration scheme the committee recognised that most agencies, including the police, do not believe it would work and does not support implementation if cost and administrative burden would be prohibitive, the TSC has confusingly come down on the side of off road registration 'trials', a contradictory finding, given the arguments presented in the Report and by almost every witness who gave evidence to Committee members.

In light of these facts and evidence to the Committee, plus briefings to MP's, the ACU is disturbed ed that the Off Road Registration Bill passed its second reading and that such little regard has been given to the experience and input of the experts called before the Committee.

The ACU's Dave Luscombe is disappointed that this situation has been allowed to develop, "The ACU is delighted that the Select Committee has recognised the work of the ACU in creating legitimate off road riding facilities for young people. However, it is shocking that in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, the Bill, proposed by Graham Stringer MP, who is a member of this committee and heard this evidence first hand, can go further than its Second Reading," said Luscombe.

"Equally shocking for the sport is the total lack of consultation by those who have drafted this proposed legislation; a Bill that seems to fly in the face of logic, reason and dare I say common sense" he continued. Copies of the Transport Select Committee's Report can be found at: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200607/cmselect/cmtran/264/264.pdf 

New Sponsor for British Solo Enduro Championship

John Collins, Chairman, ACU Trials and Enduro Committee is pleased to inform you of the new title sponsor to the 2007 British Enduro Championship.

John is able to confirm that Metzeler will be the new sponsor of the 2007 British Solo Enduro Championship, the Series will now be entitled the METZELER - ACU BRITISH SOLO ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP.

Neil Booker, Marketing Manager, Metzeler Tyres said, "Metzeler are proud to be the new sponsors of the British Enduro Championship and look forward to an exciting season and to further establishing the brand through this important championship and a closer working relationship with the ACU."

John stated, " I am delighted that such a prestigious company has decided to back this Championship and I am sure the organisers will find the support they offer invaluable."

Final call for club teams to register their intention to enter the 2007 ISDE - Chile is 31st March !

I would be very grateful if you would put out a final call on your website as prominently as possible for any club team interested in participating to contact me or Ted Bartlett absolute deadline 31st March! We will strictly enforce this to prevent the problems we had last year and will be sending out club team package details / monies needed up front-in the very near future.

The meeting also agreed that in future, there will be a strict limit on the no. of club teams allowed to enter- judged by ability.

Mary mary.kerr@acu.org.uk 

CCM BRITISH MMX Motocross Championship

Britain's number one motocross Series for our young riders, sidecar teams and quad riders has received a major boost after securing a new title sponsor for the Series for 2007 from one of Britain's last remaining motorcycle manufacturers CCM Motorcycles. In addition to this the Under 21 Championship receives direct sponsorship from PAR Homes

After some very productive discussions with CCM Motorcycles, based in Bolton, Championship Co-ordinator Roy Barton is pleased to announce that for the 2007 season the Series now becomes the CCM British MMX Motocross Championship.

CCM were synonymous throughout the 70's and 80's with motocross at the very highest levels at British Championships and Grand Prix. They flew the flag for Britain in the days when the Japanese manufacturers were coming to the fore. CCM have always experienced a roller coast ride of success and failure in ample doses. CCM's last foray into the world of MX was back in 1995 when the late great Donny Schmit of the USA won the World 4 stroke Championship on a CCM. That was just before the 4 stroke revolution swept 2 strokes aside.

Gary Harthern CCM Managing Director said "CCM always played David in the Goliath battles at the very highest levels and it's been way too long for CCM to have been away from the sharp end of the action so we see this sponsorship deal as a great re-introduction of the CCM brand back into the mainstream MX market. We hope that during the course of this year we'll be able to show the world a new motocross project that will reflect our company's strategy for the future. It's exciting times for the small band of people at CCM and we're really pleased to be associated with the under 21's, 4 stroke, quads and sidecars. As part of CCM's continued strategy to get back into the marketplace CCM are sponsoring a sidecar MX Team, formerly JLR Racing. The new team will take on the main team sponsor name of CCM and will compete at British and Grand Prix levels with their number one pilot John Lines."

In addition to CCM joining the Series, the countries largest off road team, PAR Honda, have approached the ACU with regards to sponsorship of the Under 21 Championship. Team owner Paul Rowland shares a similar goal of the ACU, in his support to some of the Country's top young riders in both his Motocross and Enduro Teams. Furthering his commitment to our young developing talent, Paul was very pleased to put his company's name to the Under 21 Championship.

Paul Rowlands of PAR Homes Ltd said, "I am extremely pleased to be able to sponsor this series and look forward to another season of close and exciting racing. PAR Homes Ltd (PAR Honda) have a long standing commitment to the development of riders in the UK and are pleased to add the sponsorship of this series to our sponsorship of the Youth BYMX Championship and the Evening Motocross Series in Rhayader"

Roy Barton, series co-ordinator added "The MMX championship has come a long way over the last 5 years or so starting out as a partnership between the Sidecar and Fourstroke classes. The hotly contested Under 21 Championship then joined to make it a three class series and produced the likes of Tom Church, Stephen Sword and Mark Hucklebridge in its first year. For 2007 the Quad Championship has become fully integrated within the British MMX Series and QRA's Tony Nash joining the organising team.

The series relies strongly on the input of sponsors to maintain the high standard of events that the series runs at and we are extremely happy to welcome CCM and PAR Homes onboard joining Maxxis Tyres, EMS Race IT and RB Trophies as series sponsors and supporters."


The Under 23 ACU Enduro Squad for the current year has now been selected.

For 2007 the emphasis will be changed to offer a smaller squad some direct rider development assistance to compete in events such as the European Enduro Championship

Squad members will have their results carefully monitored as the whole selection process will be performance based with the opportunity to review and alter the squad make up as the season progresses.

The named Squad for 2007 is:

Daryl Bolter, Lee Edmondson, Oliver Moyce, Jamie Paget, Greg Evans, Simon Wakely.

With European rounds in Italy, Finland, Hungary and Poland this campaign will prove an expensive exercise and if any firms or individuals feel they would like to get behind this effort and help these young riders with some additional funds they are asked to contact Mary Kerr, T & E at the ACU


ACU Support English Federation for Disabled Sport 'Count Me In' Campaign

The ACU are delighted to officially support the English Federation for Disabled Sport (EFDS) 'Count Me In' Campaign.

EFDS are the national body responsible for developing sport for disabled people in England and provide a united voice of disability sport seeking to promote inclusion and achieve equality of sporting opportunities for disabled people

The 'Count Me In' campaign aims to have 10,000 disabled people Counted In sport by March 2007. The campaign has signed up 5619 supporters including Sir Trevor Brooking, Duncan Goodhew, Colin Jackson, Dame Kelly Holmes, Danny Mills, Ian Rose, Tessa Sanderson, Iwan Thomas and Marc Woods.

More details of how you can add your support to this campaign can be found at http://www.efds.net/index.php?incpage=home_cmi.php

The ACU can already boast a number of very successful disabled riders in many different disciplines of motorcycle sport and loosing an arm or a leg has been proven to be no obstacle to enjoying the thrill of competitive motorcycle sport.

On the back of their support for EFDS, the ACU are also keen promote its own campaign for wider participation in motorcycle sport and ensure that were possible, anyone with a disability is encourage to 'have a go' at motorcycle sport.

A new Disabled Licence Applicant Assessment Process will be put in place from 1st April 2007. This new system will provide anyone with a disability with a clear pathway through the licence application process.

Through full disclosure of the applicants disability, with supporting evidence from their GP or Specialist, the ACU Medical Panel will be able to take a consider the application. Riders whose disability does not medically preclude them from competition will then be referred to the relevant sporting committee for a practical assessment of riding ability.

This final test will require the applicant to simply demonstrate a reasonable level of bike control, proving that they are not a danger to themselves or other riders. If successful, the appropriate competition licence will be issued.

ACU Chairman Jim Parker is proud that the ACU are now able to boast a fully transparent and robust assessment process, "Motorcycle sport must look to broaden its membership where ever possible and in widening participation, we must always be conscious of removing any and all obstacles to our sport," explained Jim. "Inside our sport we are aware of how accessible motorcycle racing is to disabled riders, and I am hopeful that this new process will encourage more disabled people to consider motorcycle sport as an exciting and rewarding sport."

Youth invitations for Colin Appleyard British Trials Championship

Further to the very positive forum, attended by riders, importers, organisers and ACU Trials and Enduro Committee members, regarding the Colin Appleyard British Trials Championship on 3rd February 2007, concern was expressed that a stricter criteria be adopted for selecting the 5 eligible youth riders for this Championship.

In 2006 a further complication arose, as there were both a 250 and 125 class, which would make the previous criteria difficult to apply. Consequently, for the 2007 season, the 5 riders and further 5 reserve riders will be selected after the first 2 rounds of the 2007 A Class Youth Championship.

Round 1 18th February 2007 Yeadon Guisley Round 2 4th March 2007 Cheadle Following these 2 rounds a decision will be taken on both there 2006 and early 2007 performance.

Any Youth rider wishing to be considered and who has not already applied should do so by contacting the Trials & Enduro Committee, ACU House, Wood St, Rugby CV21 2YX. This must be done by Monday 5th March. Those who have already applied need not do so again as their details are already held on file. The list of confirmed riders and reserves will be decided at the discretion of the Trials & Enduro Committee.

Sound Levels at Motocross Events

Following further discussion at the ACU's Motocross Committee on 31st January 2007, Chairman Roy Humphrey wishes to inform you of the decisions regarding future sound testing at ACU motocross events.

The previous press release issued in December 2006 informed you of the ACU's acceptance of the 2008 FIM sound levels limiting 4 stroke machines to 94 dba at fixed revolutions, whilst 2 stroke machines will remain at 96 dba. In addition to these new levels from the beginning of the 2008 season, it will be compulsory for all organisers to ensure random sound testing is carried out at their events.

In addition to these new levels there will also be a change in the timing of sound testing at Regional events, from 2008 once more, testing will take place during practice and racing, rather than prior to practicing.

During 2007 the Motocross Committee will be evaluating 'drive by' sound testing at some events and this maybe introduced for the 2008 season.

In addition to Sound Training for officials wishing to become Club or ACU Sound testers, sound meters are available, to ACU affiliated clubs, for purchase at the discounted price of £110 from ACU House (£120 for non ACU Clubs). For more information on these seminars and sound meters please contact Michelle Haynes, 01788 566405.

Widening Participation in Motorsport 'Whole Sport Plan' 2007 Consultation Survey

Under the direction and coordination of Motorsport Development UK (MDUK) and Sport England, the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) and Motor Sports Association (MSA) would like to invite you to take part in a survey to establish your views on how to widen participation in motorsport.

The bodies are working together from now until April to develop a new 'whole sport plan' for the next 5 years, with the aim of getting more people involved in motorsport at every level, whether that be competing, spectating or volunteering.

The independent sports consultancy Performance Matters (a division of Leisure Partners Ltd.) has been commissioned to lead the consultation process across the entire sport. Performance Matters has conducted similar processes in cricket, golf, equestrian, and has considerable experience of working for national sports agencies such as UK Sport, Sport England, SkillsActive, and London 2012.

The voice of all those who participate, spectate and volunteer in motorsport is vital to the development of this new plan. In addition to this we would like to hear from those who are not currently participating.

The survey is being circulated as widely as possible in order to collate current opinion. It has been designed to be completed in no more than five minutes and to be submitted back to us electronically.

Please contribute by clicking on the link below. All responses are anonymous under the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and should be submitted by a closing date of 16 March 2007.


Enduro Under 23 Training Squad

Applications are now invited from Enduro riders interested in being considered for the 2007 Under 23 Enduro training Squad. In conjunction with the Trials training squad, it has been decided that as opposed to concentrating on home based training, emphasis this year will be placed on making direct financial support for rider development available to a limited number of riders whose effort will be focused primarily on the European Enduro Championship. It may also be that one or two intense training sessions will be organised as early in the year as possible, before the European series starts, but at this is to be confirmed. Support will be performance related and constantly assessed to determine whether assistance should continue. As such, it may be that at intervals, existing squad members may be replaced by others whose performance may justify re-selection.

Application form

Deadline for applications is 2nd February latest and forms should be returned to -:

Mary Kerr, ACU, ACU House Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2YX Tel: O1788 566403 mary.kerr@acu.org.uk 

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