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Richard Perkins wins CTR Events WSC Rd6 at a wet and challenging Caerphilly
Energlyn Caerphilly

CTR EVENTS Final Round of the WSC took place in Energlyn Caerphilly in beautiful east south Wales on A wet morning with the rain beating down overnight and on the morning it was promised to clear up by 10/11 o'clock and as we approached the 11 am start time the clouds were thinning out and the rain had stopped, And with the pre race briefing over with at 11am CTR dropped the flag to start the 2 and half hours XC Hare & hounds race across this 7 mile top class loop of fallen forestry linking into some fast top gear dirt roads and farm tracks with some nicely placed jumps, 1st away was Gethin Francombe on his TM chased by his brother Steve Biddle and the rest of the Expert pack leaving on the line and last Expert to get away Richard Perkins, Next away was the Vets class with Adrian Evans taking the hole shot with the Clubman Class next away it was Roger Holland getting into the left hander next off the line was the Novice-Beginner class with young Charlie Frost 1st to negotiate the left handed corner followed buy the climb over the wall really spreading out the field.

Buy the time the 1st riders appeared and on the 14 minute mark Gethin Francombe still had the lead over Tim Trueman with Scott Meredith, Steve Biddle, Rhys Faulkner and Tommy Francombe a close 30 seconds behind Richard Perkins had made his way up to 7th by now and was looking really good in these conditions, Next none Expert through was Clubman rider Roger Holland with the 1st of the Vets into lap scoring being Ryan Leary hounded buy Adrian Evans, Dave Wolfe and Dai Beer, with the next Clubman rider being Dan Nelmes, Mitch Frost, Carl Davies and Morgan Davies, With this young talent next to appear is Novice-Beginner rider Charlie Frost hot on his tail Mike Pratt with Rhys Perkins and Nathan Jones not far behind.

As the race progressed and some alterations to the track a few removal of logs taking out the odd hill climb "GF's and Diggers hill" the sun came out and was really drying up the course making everyone happier and with big smiles on their faces, Richard Perkins and Tim Trueman were swopping places 1st and 2nd with Perkins finally making his move to lead from just pass the half way mark leaving 3rd place to be battled for between Steve Biddle and Martin Trueman leaving Biddle to finally take 3rd by a good 4 minutes it was really close at the end for 1st and 2nd with Perkins taking the win by just 18 seconds, With this being the final round of a 6 round CTR Winter Series Championship Tim Trueman clinched the WSC with Biddle 2nd and Derek Bawn 3rd.

In the Vets class Ryan Leary had got away and was commanding the lead and with the WSC close for 2nd and 3rd Dai Beer, Adrian Evans and Dave Wolfe had no room for error with Dai Beer and Adrian Evans pulling away from the Wolfe Beer and Evans could afford no mistakes swopping and changing lap times with Beer taking 2nd on the day and taking 2nd in the CTR WSC Evans coming in 3rd and Wolfe getting joint 3rd in the Championship.

In the Clubman class and with Roger Holland dropping out with a blown KTM it was taking in the end by 1 extra lap with Carl Davies managing to beat the flag and popping through with Dan Nelmes taking 2nd 1 lap ahead of Morgan Davies 3rd, In the WSC Holland had still managed to take the Championship with Carl Davies 2nd and Harvey Dark 3rd

The Novice-Beginner class was won convincingly by Charlie Frost on 9 laps and who finished 5th overall great ride Charlie, 2nd place on the day went to Rhys Perkins on 8 laps 14th overall with Neil Davies taking 3rd in the end from Daniel Newman, In the CTR Winter Series Championship the top spots went to 1st Wesley Hann who had to miss the last Rd when his Yam 125 failed to start but his great performances in Rd's 1 2 3 and 4 gave him the Championship win well done 2nd in the WSC was Nathan Jones and 3rd was Owen Cooper well done boys.  - Photos - Lost goggles? email bob@enduronews.com 

It was a great end to a great CTR WSC and thanks to all involved the CTR Summer Series starts March 25th so see you all then, Massive thanks to Land owners Marshals Lap scorers helpers sponsors TM UK Electraction, RhinoGoo, Mojo Suspension, and Golden Tyre. www.ctrevents.co.uk for details of next event 25.03.2012.


Life's great at CTR EVENTS 
WSC RD5 in Caerphilly East South Wales…

CTR EVENTS did it again and laid out an awesome new race track with beautiful panoramic views of Cardiff Newport and Bristol channel, If you want it good, get it fresh and - for enduros - a freshly felled forest is as good as it gets. Pen yr heol is on the ridge north of Caerphilly that separates the Rhymney and Taff valleys and for generations it has been the gateway for trail riding to Brecon and beyond. Team CTR had been hard at work all week planning and making out this fantastic 7.5 mile cross country hare & hounds enduro race course, With something like a 1000 acres of fallen forestry with rough road type tracks fallen branches boggy holes nice hill climbs and fast twisty fire roads for the riders to catch a breath and a few hundred acres of farm tracks and woodland with some very fast bits and hill climbs descents cambers a very steep hard loop banking all linking up a 12 minute (faster boys) XC loop.

The weather was overcast with a threat of snow later. As 11am approached and with nearly everyone ready and on the start line but Jack Twentyman was still in the back of his van getting ready after his long trip up from Cornwall, He wasn't the reason for the 15 minute delay on the start with clubman number 150 Dominic Morgan turning up the race ready to put his best foot forward only to find he had packed 2 right boots. All the riders on the line agreed to wait will his better half brought his left boot like in the song by Alanis Morriset "Its like 2 right boots when all you need is a left", So after a CTR briefing with the boys and girls on the start line it was 11.15 as the flag dropped for the experts to get on their way as they raced for the first turn and tussled their way around the Vets class was flagged away followed by the clubman with the big bunch of Novice-Beginners it really was an awesome sight and as someone spectating said to me it was an awesome buzz to watch.

Rob Breakwell took the holeshot from Derek Bawn but after less than 12 minutes Nike Life appeared first into lap scoring closely followed with another super fast lap time of 12:01 for Derek Bawn. Before the race Nick had taken one look at the thrashings and he swapped his MX rear for a trials tyre. The rest of the experts chasing hard behind 3rd into lap scoring was Richard Perkins on 12:34, First of the Vets through was Gary McCoy on 13:06 with chasing Ryan Leary on 13:36 and hot on their sent was Dave Wolfe with 14:40, the first clubman in was local lad Gareth Berezinski and his mate Nikki Whiles Andrew Morgan right on them you could of put a blanket over them it was that close, With the Novice class next to come through it was Charlie Frost on his little 125 2T first to cross lap scoring with another local boy on another 125 2T Jack Davies 2nd and CTR member and showing good results time and time again Owen Cooper 3rd on his 300 smoker.

As the race progressed it was left to Life and Bawn for the top spot with life never slowing down and putting in consisent fast lap times also on the pace and always there pushing and never slowing his pace ready to ponch should something go wrong for Nike Life, On lap 3 Tim Trueman made hi move into 3rd and started to settle into the top 3 all 3 on 2 strokes..!! And that's how it would stay for the hole of the race with a really great ride from all 3 but I solute a great ride from a controlled performance well done to the winner Nick Life.

The Vets class battle was between Ryan Leary, Gary McCoy, Adrian Evans and Dave Wolfe with Leary right on McCoy's tail on lap 2 with Leary making the move on lap 3 to pass lap scoring in front of McCoy and Wolfe on lap 2 being hunted down by Evans it was also lap 3 Evans moved into 3rd shaping up the top 3, As Leary started to put the hammer down and pull an extra lap finishing with top spot with 11 laps McCoy taking 2nd and Evans 3rd both with 10 laps a great performance from the gents.

In the Clubman class battle the win went to Aaron Martin who waited until the very end as he kept pushing and pushing with good fast lap times to take the top spot with 2nd going to Gareth Berezinski as he also kept up the pace right to the end and with a Big high 5 from Harvey Dark at the end says it all and 3rd was taken by Dark well done all great racing in tough conditions.

The Novice-Beginner class Charlie Frost lead from the 1st lap and was never challenged showing his trials riding experience with a great ride putting in on 9 laps 1 more than 2nd place with another top three finish Owen Cooper with Lewis James 3rd very well done lads you pushed your self's all the way to the end in some tough ever changing conditions you will really deserve your Rhinogoo at the end.

At the chequered flag CTR was getting some great feed back from the riders and they really enjoyed the challenge, Thanks you very much to all the riders their helpers the marshals that worked so hard the spectators for their support and help, The medical team, Lap scorers and signing on land owner all the sponsors and the weather for waiting until the very end before you started snowing.

CTR WSC Rd 6 the last round is 26.02.2012 watch the web for details.

Derek Again Bawn wins a very demanding day
CTR EVENTS Winter Series Championship RD4
Tyr Shon Shenkyn Nr Pontypool East South Wales 11.12.11.
Photos Roadrunner 

Team CTR put in a full week's work in some very testing and changing weather on this very beautiful and scenic welsh hill side with spectacular views of the valleys and the Bristol channel, A 3.5 mile cross country course was chiselled out off this valley with steep descents and hill climbs some man made some historical with coal slag and machined roads following of cambered fields road jumps and drop off's fast road blasts with switch backs and twist and turns all marked out with Mojo suspension tape.

At the crack of dawn CTR and the team were at the venue getting all things ready with the cold heavy mist of winter with this high hill side venue you get hard blowing winds witch can help with track drying, However the wind also vandalizes the already prepped track so with a full team they were busy repairing and planning changes and with the start time upon us they was a 30 minute delay as everything was put right, At 11:20 am CTR and the riders were going through the pre race talk with the event sponsored by RhinoGoo with the top 3 in each class getting RhinoGoo at the end to clean their bikes and the welcome news for the Novice-Beginners that a Marshal will be redirecting at a tricky steep hill climb.

At 11:30 the flag dropped and the Experts got away as they swopped and tasselled for positions the flag dropped for the Vets then with a 30 second delay the Clubman got away with the Novice-Beginners last away and everyone set of to battle their way around this very testing course, It was 10 minutes 22 seconds before the leaders came into sight with young Tommy Alba leading and Derek Bawn a close 6 seconds behind and Shaun Buchan 14 seconds behind unfortunately this would be Shauns only lap when he pulled out with mechanical frillier with the rest of the chasing Experts of Neil Thomas Richard Perkins and Tim Trueman A near minute later Bawn and Alba were this close with the cap of around 5-10 seconds upto the 1 hour fuel stop when Bawn made his move to take the lead from Alba now with Tim Trueman putting in some constant fast times he was getting closer to Alba and on the last lap Alba made A few mistakes with a 14 minute lap and Trueman put in a 11 minute lap snatching 2nd place crossing the line just under a minute in front of Alba with Bawn taking the win and pulling an extra lap great job boys.

In the Vets class it was David Thomas 1st into lap scoring with a lap time of 11 and a half minutes with Terry Beecham a 38 seconds behind Adrian Evans and Dai Beer another minute later as the race progressed and the top 3 spots up for grabs it was down to Evans, Beecham, Ryan Leary and Chris Porter with very consistent times of around 13/14 and 12 minute laps of Evans and the same from Beecham it was when Beecham had a 17 minute last lap that allowed Adrian Evans the win with Beecham 2nd and Ryan Leary on the recovery from a big cash on his new bike taking 3rd well done gents great racing.

With the clubman race it was Roger Holland around the lap 1st with a time of 13.10 minutes followed by Dai Jones 4 seconds later with Harvey Dark and Tom Kayes a full 2 minutes later as the day went from damp to wet to drying up then wet and so on this made extremely hard conditions for the riders and helpers but to riders kept going with some kind of grin on their faces and buy the end of the race it was left to Roger Holland who lead from start to finish taking the win and pulling an extra lap from Harvey Dark and with a great come back and on the same laps was Rhys George in 3rd another great battle between Man and the mix of winter weather.

In the Novice-Beginner class it was going to be a real test of spirit as the weather conditions was going to be real tough "sorry guys" and with Neil Davies lapping 1st with a time of about 15 minutes with Owen Copper 15 seconds behind and Martin Howitt, Chris Dixon, Nathan Jones and Ross Clements all close together another 3 seconds later, With extra tough going and with the course constantly managed by the CTR team the class really had a test of mind over determination to get to the finish with the top 3 position starting to show and young Wesley Hann trials riding skills starting to show and with half the race over it was left to Hann, Cooper and Jones to battle on for the top spots with Hann putting it down and pulling away with the extra lap and crossing the line without a clutch lever well done, Owen Cooper took 2nd with Nathan Jones 3rd, Boys I have to say to all the class for starting and finishing this tough race in bad conditions I'm very proud of you all very well done.

Results Photos Roadrunner - mlaphotography 

With a massive thanks to all involved the land owner Hayden Powell, All the helpers and Marshals, Dad and the CTR lap scoring girls Kerry and Carla.

Next Round of CTR Winter Series Championship is 29.01.2012 with the final on 18.02.2012 see you all next year Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Thanks Carl.

Derek Bawn wins CTR EVENTS WSC 
RD3 at Cwmcarvan Monmouth.

CTR spent over a week planning out this Hare & Hounds Cross Country Race track at the beautiful venue set near the Welsh boarder in Monmouthshire the 5 mile race track was very well marked up with Mojo Suspension track tape so once the riders were in the track like lightening MacQueen you were in the race, With the start line Pits and Lap scoring set out in the same field it was all set for a great days racing and for the helpers and spectators to keep a eye on the positions of the race, The cross country race tracke consisted of fast flowing fields some tricky slippery woods a big steep hill nice off cambers some heart warming descents into fford crossing fast and slow slippery jumps and technical bits a real good mix of going for the racers to get into and sort out the places.

As 11am approached the buzz around the start was thick with excitement and antiapatance after a briefing with CTR the flag was dropped for the Experts with Andy Frost on his Yam 250 stroker taking the holeshot and Mr holeshot left on the line Rhys Davies with his KTM 150 and Derek Bawn about mid pack CTR left a 30 seconds gap for the Vets class to set away on their quest with David Thomson taking the lead next to be let lose was the supper excitable Clubman Class with a great get away from Carl Davies who set the pace for them all day with Chris Shelton upto no good on the 1st corning and a bit encouragement from the crowed and CTR he managed to keep his beautiful Yam 250 fired up and away before the big pack of Novice-Beginners could swallow him up with Graham Owens taking the hunt away.

At lap scoring everyone was eagerly awaiting the pack of Hare & Hounds to appear, And it was just over 11 and a half minutes and with a blistering 1st lap time of Andy Frost 1st to appear with 2nd and 3rd place just under a minute behind was Greg Hurley and Derek Bawn, 1st Vets around was David Thomson with Wolfe, Coid, Evans, Beer and Porter all bunched up together a full minute later, The Clubman places seemed to be sorted out right from the 1st lap with to top 3 coming around real close together with Davies 1st around Jones 2nd around followed by Holland 3rd through lap scoring, With the Novice-Beginners battle the 1st rider to be lap scored was Graham Owens followed by Nathan Jones and Jack Davies with Wesley Hann 2 minutes behind and with a bit of work to do to get in the mix.

As the Race reached the half hour mark and the soft weather conditions were taking its toll on some of the riders and within lap 3 after putting in some consistently faster laps Bawn took the lead and kept up the fast pace and managed to pull a lead with Frost in command of 2nd place it was left to Biddle, Gethin Francombe, Tim Trueman, Tommy Francombe and Matt McClean to battle for the prize on lap 6 G Francombe dropped out with broken chain, T Francombe had some kind of problem also on lap 6 with a 41 minute lap so it was down to biddle, T Trueman and MacClean with Biddle on his new KTM 250 taking a weel deserved and managed 3rd well done Steve.

The vets class started to take place around the 90 minutes make with Thomson, Porter and Munden really close porter made his move into the lead leaving Thomson and Munden battling over 2nd with Thomson taking the spot and the extra lap with porter and Thomson on 11 laps, The Clubman race never really changed from the 1st corner and the 1st lap with Davies and Jones pulling away just enough to get an extra lap on Holland keeping on the pace and never changing their positions very close racing well done lads. The Novice-Beginner class was taking shape and with the Trials riding background of Hann starting to come good he took the lead with Nathan Jones and Jack Davies left fighting for 2nd and all top 3 staying on the same 9 laps Hann finished 3 minutes infront of Jones with young Davies a close 6 minutes behind Jones well ridden boys well done.

Well done to all the competitors that started the race and it was hard conditions out there you all did very well to get around best wishes to the wounded Richard Collins with a injured foot Rhian George she has ligament and muscle damage and severe bruising all get well soon, Thanks the land owners and their neighbours Thanks to all the CTR helpers Lap scorers and Marshals who worked really hard today Thanks to the riders and their helpers thanks to all the medical crews involved air ambulance Thanks to the Snack Attack girls Sponsors TMUK, RhinoGoo, Goldentyre, Mitouk Progrip, Gaerne Boots, The boys in the tractors at the end Thanks to all, CTR EVENTS plan WSC RD4 for 10.12.2011 venue TBC weather permitted, Lastly you are all RSVP for CTR EVENTS/BAD-MC Xmas do at Newbridge Rugby club 3rd December contact Carl for tickets.

Expert 1. Derek Bawn (KTM 300) 13 Laps 2. Andy Frost (Yam 250) 12 Laps 3. Steve Biddle (KTM 220) 12 Laps
Clubman 1. Carl Davies (KTM 350) 11 Laps 2. Dai Jones (YAM 250) 11 Laps 3. Roger Holland (KTM 250) 10 Laps
Novice 1. Wesley Hann (YAM 125) 9 Laps 2. Nathan Jones (KTM 450) 9Laps 3. Jack Davies (YAM 125) 9 Laps
Vets 1. Chris Porter (KTM 350) 11 Laps 2. David Thomson (KTM 450) 11 Laps 3. Jim Munden (KTM 250) 10 Laps

Full results

Great Win for Tim Trueman at CTR EVENTS Winter Series Round 2
Report CTR Events Photos mlap.co.uk

CTR EVENTS has once again successfully found another spectacular new venue! CTR has been hard at work for 10 days setting up this awesome 5.2 mile Cross Country race Track at the Fantastic Hendre MX venue, With full use of the MX track and a further 80 arches of beautiful farm land, On the Welsh boarder and next to where Rolls Royce was borne as CTR arrived to a beautiful late October sunrise and a few checks and course repairs just to ensuring all was ready for the packed Hare and Hounds race to commencing at 11am. As riders and their supporters approached the venue the CTR team eagerly awaited a mass of over anxious excited and very keen competitors ready to walk the newly awaited track before the battle began.

As the I's were dotted and the T's were crossed and 11 o'clock approached CTR was having his pre race chat to the riders and with a dead engine start the flag was dropped for the pack of 19 Experts to start their 250 minute race it was all very close as they rounded the 1st corning and again it was Rhys Davies on the little KTM 150 with the holeshot and as they disappeared the flag dropped for the Vets followed by the Clubman and then the Novice-Beginners class away and as the were now all rounding the awesome MX track the spectators were treated to great racing and 1st to appear was Gareth Hopkins and Scott Meredith, As they set off into the Enduro Cross Country going it was just over 9 minutes later when Hopkins set a blistering pace with a flying 1st lap of 9:19 with Meredith on 9:33 next was Arron Wells on 9:55 with super Vet Ryan Leary closely chased by Phillip Coid and Dave Wolfe the 1st of the Clubman were a lot closer with Jamie Weller, Carl Davies and Dan Phillips chasing each other hard. The 1st Novice-Beginners approaching the final decent into lap scoring was Nathan Jones on with a credible lap time of 13:22, Next Novice-Beginner was Jonathan Treeby and Owen Cooper.

As the race started to develop and with Hopkins starting to pull a lead it was a great battle for 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th with Meredith, Gotts, Trueman, Davies, and the rest of the experts really battling hard Trueman started to push and put in some fast consistent laps and on lap 11 took the lead when Hopkins had to stop with bike problems and that dropped him out of the battle for the top 3 place's leaving Trueman, Meredith and Gotts on the little TM 125 to pull away, Also going well and having to pull out with a snapped back brake was Steve Biddle who was gutted to have to pull out of a awesome race track, Rhys Davies on lap 10 started to fade a little to allow the top 3 get the extra lap in.

The Vets race was dominated from start to finish by Ryan Leary who's constant fast lap times allowed him to put in an extra lap on his fellow riders Dave Wolfe, Shaun Price and Dai Beer left fighting for 2nd and 3rd with Wolfe and Price taking the final place's on the podium.

The ever competitive Clubman battle was hot and with the top 3 places up for grabs it was Dai Jones and Carl Davies left to pull away and manage an extra lap of 15 on the next places and with Nikki Whiles Roger Holland and Harvey Dark fighting for 3rd it was on the last 4 laps that Whiles and Holland started to pull away with Whiles taking 3rd 2 minutes in front of Holland.

In the Novice-Beginner class it was much closer with all top 8 all on the same lap but with the top 3 places up for grabs Wesley hann, Nathan Newman and Jonathan Treeby started to settle in and make for the podium setting some last ditch faster times towards the closing laps!, Hann taking the win by 2 minutes over Newman with Treeby just a very close just 10 seconds behind great racing boys that was close.

Expert 1. Tim Trueman (KTM 250) 16 Laps 2. Scott Meredith (KAW 450) 16 Laps 3. Josh Gotts (TM 125) 16 Laps
Clubman 1. Dai Jones (YAM 250) 15 Laps 2. Carl Davies (KTM 350) 15 Laps 3. Nikki Whiles (KTM 250) 14 Laps
Novice 1. Wesley Hann (YAM 125) 13 Laps 2. Nathan Newman (HON 250) 13 Laps 3. Jonathan Treeby (KTM 250) 13 Laps
Vets 1. Ryan Leary (KTM 250) 15 Laps 2. Dave Wolfe (TM 250) 14 Laps 3. Shaun Price (KTM 250) 14 Laps

Well done to all the riders and their helpers, Massive thanks to all Marshals/Laps Scorers/Signing on/Sponsors TM UK/Progrip/Gaerne/Mojo Suspension/Golden Tyre and Rhino Goo.
Huge thanks to the Land Owner see you all at CTR EVENTS Winter Series Rd2 22th November 2011 see www.ctrevents.co.uk  for details.

Great Win for Rob Breakwell at CTR EVENTS Winter Series Round 1
Report CTR Events Photos Roadrunner

CTR EVENTS kicked off Rd 1 of their Winter Series in Great style Set 850ft above sea level and the beautiful setting at Monmouth makes you feel on top of the world with A panoramic scenic view of Wales and England, With very mixed weather and mostly dry and sunshine on the build up to laying out this fantastic 4.2 miles Race course, Early Sunday morning approached to the venue over showed a gap of sunshine and blue sky, With the Quad riders up early and all sign on by 9am well it should have been all apart from the Farther son dowel of Neil and Tom Banister they said they liked Monmouth so much that they took a drive around taking in the views!!!.

So it was 9.30 and CTR had the Quads all line up on the start line and a few words from CTR including watch out for Cal Cal Racing especially Co pilot Callum Brennan, The start was held back a little but with the clock ticking CTR dropped the flag and the Quads were off leaving the Banisters still getting changed it was Joe Andrews with the hole shot, Tom Banister was 1st to get away about 2 minutes later and Dad Nigel another 3 minutes later suppose once a Dad always a Dad.!!

1st to come around was Andrews/Randal and Mills followed by the rest of the crazy Quad Racers. With the CTR team kept busy repairing the track it was time for the Chequered flag with a great result 1st was number 553 Jason Mills 2nd David Randal 558 3rd Tom Banister.

At 11.45 CTR had all the solo's lined up ready for their 2 & half hour Hare & Hounds Cross Country Race and has luck would have it the sun came out after their CTR talk and with Noon approaching Carl Tiley and Callum Brennan dropped the starter flag for the experts followed by the Vets the Clubmen with the Novice-Beginners sett away last all got away fine and it was bang on 9 minutes 3 seconds Rhys Davies came around with Rob Breakwell 9.05 and Tommy Francombe 9.07 these 3 had really pulled away, With the rest swarming around 10 seconds later, The 1st none Expert around was Supper Vet Ryan Leary followed by Supper fast Clubman Danny Morris chased by Dan Phillips and Roger Holland 1st of the Novice-Beginner Class was Jake Morgan and Darren Hammacott with Gareth Jones not far behind, With the lap scorers Carla and Kerry kept supper busy and CTR making sure all was flowing through fine and watching riders trying to destroy the track It was Steve Biddle first to get in trouble by knocking the bit fence post holding the Scottish flag over.

As the race progressed and out on A sighting lap we could really see the great big grins on everyone's face as they followed around the soft burmed up ploughed fields really letting their race bikes go it was great racing to watch lol, About an hour in we had a heavy rain shower just to add to the excitement as I dropped down to the wooded area they was some good and some not so good attempts at the log crossing so I made a some loop around for those that needed it, A bit further along the course and with about an hour left to go I came across the Cow shed and with the 3ft ruts made by the bikes and some stuck and the CTR marshals all worn out we made another detour to make it easier and to keep the race flowing.

With the 150 minutes getting closer and the weather really playing its part Breakwell got his chance and with Davies dropping his bike took the lead with Tommy Francombe not far behind Davies had to steady him self and get back into the race,

At the Chequered flag the race ended with the overall win going to Rob Breakwell 2nd Rhys Davies 3rd Tommy Francombe All with 16 Laps, The Vets was won by Ryan Leary 2nd Dai Beer both with 15 Laps 3 Dave Wolfe 14 Laps, Clubman was 1st Danny Morris 2nd Dan GoldenTyre Phillips 3rd Roger Holland with 15Laps, The Novice-Beginner class was taken by Jake Morgan 2nd Gareth Jones and 3rd Wesley Hann all on 14 Laps.

Well done to all the riders and their helpers, Massive thanks to all Marshals/Laps Scorers/Signing on/Sponsors TM UK/Progrip/Gaerne/Mojo Suspension/Golden Tyre and Rhino Goo.

Huge thanks to the Land Owner see you all at CTR EVENTS Winter Series Rd2 23rd October 2011 see www.ctrevents.co.uk  for details.

Gareth Hopkins wins CTR EVENTS Summer Series H & H Championship Final round at Monmouth….

With mixed British weather on the build up to CTR EVENTS Summer Series Championship Final Round in the beautiful setting near the welsh boarders, The greatly set out fully taped 3 and a half mile Race track was set for a great battle, Most people arrived early enough to walk most of the track and pick and chose some good lines and with the hard easy options a short turn around in the woods through a water ditch saving about 3 seconds a small blip over a log double saving you about another 3 seconds, The course was set in an anti clockwise direction from the last time and A few more changes was made, to the race track with the bomb hole jumps drop off ski jumps and step drop off's, With the parking all in the old field and a new CTR bridge to access the new start line and finish line lap scoring and pits were all set up in the same field witch is all good for a great atmosphere.

As the CTR team lapped the race course repairing and just dotting the I's and crossing the T's making sure all was well and ready for the 2 and a half hour H & H's race, So the mode was set for the 11am race start and with CTR getting all the bikes and their riders lined up for a pre race chat no problems to report just keep to the very well taped out course, And with a few late comers the packed start line of Expert/vets/Clubmen and Novice-Beginners were all ready and waiting for CTR to drop the starter flag and just after 11 the Expert were set away and with the extra big and long twisting start area all could watch the battle unfold with Lee Kelly Steve Biddle and Gethin Francombe up front with Gareth Hopkins left on the line trying to firer up his 350 KTM, Next away was the Vets with a clear hole shot and a wave on the way back down the start line was Dai Beer on his new KTM 300 Electric starting 2 stroker with the rest of the vets following and Ryan Leary left at the back of the vets pack, Followed buy the so competitive Clubmen with Len Giles Roger Holland and Richard Perkins on his new bike very close to the 1st corner, Followed then buy the up and coming Novice-beginners hole shotted by Ryan Nash and Richard Holland.

As the pack of hare and hounds spread out jostling for position it was about 11.23 minutes later when Gareth Hopkins came around to be lap scored 1st 18 seconds later was Gethin Francombe with his little bro hot on his tail a full 2 seconds later with Stve Biddle and Neil Thomas coming through at 11:51 and 11:54 with the rest of the chasing pack close behind, The first Vets was lead around by Ryan Leary Phil Gardener Dai Beer Gary Skelding Shaun Price Nigel Walker and Mark Lonergan The 1st of the clubmen was lead around by Richard Perkins Gary Standen Matt Pugh Roger Holland and Len Giles close behind with the rest of the hungry hounds chasing closely and hard…. The 1st of the of Novice-Beginners was lead around by Gareth Jones Josh MorganNeil Brookes Owen Cooper Jonathan Treeby Dale Bufton and Ross Clement with a bit of a lead over with Jamie Beer and Richard Holland and the rest of the pack.

As Gareth Hopkins settled in to a good pace it was left to Francombe Thomas Biddle Kelly Greg Hurley and Jamie Jenkins to set up for a real good days battling and just measuring each other up, A battle for 2nd 3rd started between Thomas and Biddle with Kelly and Hurley fighting for 4th emerged, with Francombe stopping for a hang over remedy and Jenkins getting to grips with his new big Husky 511, Chasing each other very hard and fast the Vets battle was basically all set with Ryan Leary pulling away from Phill Gardener Dai Beer Nigel walker Shaun Price and Gary Skelding who all would end up on the same number of laps Leaving Mark Lonergan Andy Taylor and Andy Williams and the rest to battle away, Next the supper competitive Clubman class battle was between Richard Perkins Roger Holland Matt Pugh Gary Standen and Jason Rees the boys were really setting a great battle, with the rest of the class fighting over the last few places.

The Novice-Beginner class was taking shape with Ryan Nash Richard Holland Josh Morgan Gareth Jones Jonathan Treeby Dale Bufto and Owen Cooper battling to keep on the same number of laps, with the rest of the riders having a little battle of their own, Mathew Lansdown crashed out Tommy Francombe's KTM went pop so did Kalem Hicks KTM While out on his travels With the CTR quad and Marshals keeping really busy helping people with the new loop into the fford down through the bog across the river up the bankings over rocks and boulders, Helping people with the lack of spark in their plug missing chain links and my wife forgot to put petrol in again lol !!, With everyone really enjoying the British Summer Sun shine and the race coming to an end the chequered flag was prepared and there was no one waiting near the flag and as CTR dropped the flag the only thing everyone wanted to do is more laps as the riders was all greeted by Carl Tiley every one was praising the says racing and the awesome track.

Results Photos Road Runner 

It was a great days racing and everyone really enjoyed this fantastic race track well done to all and thanks to all involved Land owner Marshals Helpers Medical Caterers Toilets, Next Event will be RD1 of the winter series September 18th venue TBA see you all there thanks CTR EVENTS.  

Derek Bawn wins CTR EVENTS round 5 at Monmouth….

With Good weather in the build up to CTR EVENTS Summer Series Championship penultimate Round 5 in the beautiful setting near the welsh boarders, The greatly set out fully taped 3 and a half mile Race track was set for a great battle, Most people arrived early enough to walk most of the track and pick and chose some good lines and with the hard easy option a short blip up a near vertical bank would save about 10 seconds, The course was set in a clockwise direction from the last time and A few more changes was made, to the race track with bomb holes jumps and drop off's, The start finish parking lap scoring and pits were all set up in the same field witch is all good for a great atmosphere.

So the mode was set for the 11am race start and with CTR getting all the bikes and their handlers lined up for a pre race chat no drammers to report, The packed start line of Expert/vets/Clubmen and Novice-Beginners were all ready and waiting for CTR to drop the starter flag and at click of 11 the Expert and Vets were set away Andy Frost Expert got to the corner 1st with Ryan Leary 1st Vet, Followed buy the so competitive Clubmen with Carl Davies TM 300 Richard Perkins Leighton Roberts and Daniel Newman very close to the 1st corner, Followed then buy the up and coming Novice-beginners hole shotted by supper improved Gareth Jones and Roger Holland.

As the pack of hare and hounds spread out jostling for position it was about 11.16 minutes later when Andy Frost came around to be lap scored 1st 2 seconds later followed by Derek Bawn and a full 2 seconds later Scott Meredith with the rest of the chasing pack of racers, The Vets class gentlemen was lead around by Ryan Leary Shaun Price all running the big bad Wolfe (Dave Wolfe), The 1st of the clubmen was lead around by Carl Davies and Richard Perkins with Harvey Dark and Roger Holland close behind with the rest of the hungry hounds chasing closely and hard…. The 1st of the pack of Novice-Beginners was lead around by Gareth Jones and Richard Holland with a bit of a lead over Mathew Pugh Nathan Newman Greg Badam and the rest of the pack.

As Frost Bawn and Meredith set up for a real good days battling and just measuring each other up on lap 3 When Bawn made his move and took the lead from Frost and started to pull away now a battle between Frost and Meredith and Derry Milling emerged with Meredith hitting a tree and was forced to retire leaving it to Bawn Frost and Milling enjoy playing with them self. Chasing each other very hard and fast the Vets battle was basically all set with Ryan Leary pulling away from Dai Beer Adrian Evans was sett for 3rd but had to pull out with a repetitive strain shoulder injury!!. Leaving Andy Taylor with 3rd. The supper competitive Clubman class was battling between Daniel Newman Leighton Roberts Dan Phillips and Richard Perkins the boys were really setting a great battle when Perkins come off and woke up a bad back but was able to carry on with the battle, Newman and Roberts battled to the end with Dan Phillips on the latest Golden Tyres taking the last podium place great racing boys.

The Novice-Beginner class was taking shape with Gareth Jones Ryan Nash Mathew Pugh and Jonathan Treeby having a little battle of their own, While out on his surveying travels CTR found a few lost soles but they were soon pointed back to the right track, With the CTR quad and Quad Marshal keeping really busy helping people with the lack of spark in their plug missing chain links and my wife forgot to put petrol in again lol !!, With everyone really enjoying the British July Summer Sun shine and the race coming to an end the chequered flag was prepared and there was no one waiting near the flag and as CTR dropped the flag the only thing everyone wanted to do is more laps.

It was a great days racing and everyone really enjoyed this fantastic race track well done to all and thanks to all involved, Next round 21st at a this awesome venue will run anti clock wise see you all there thanks CTR EVENTS. Results - Photos 

Matt wins at Foxhill

At the Fantastic Foxhill Woods set in East South Wales we were all blessed with fantastic weather and much need supper sun shine and beautiful views of Cardiff the Bristol Channel and 10 minutes of the new seven bridges, the course set out in 100 acres of fields ever green wood land and off cambered woodland. A new date was arranged for RD4 due to the British summer weather and with the all new parking start area of the 11 acre field the riders were all lined up on the CTR start line for the pre race briefing with CTR and the talk was mainly about the 3 easy/hard loops that were set, And on the drop of 12noon the starter flag was dropped and the race began 1st away the Expert and Vets and it was Matt Ridgeway with holes hot chased by Jack Twentyman and Gareth Hopkins with the Clubman set of 30secs later with Richard Perkins getting away 1st chased by Andy Card then followed the Novice-beginner class last away hole shotted by Tayler Darby to start the 2 and half hour hare and hounds cross country,

As the set away through the 1st chicane across the fast bit of fields up the hill under the trees back across the cambered fields before dropping back down towards the start then 90 right back up the hill then across the fast flowing fields negotiating MX style corners about 4 minutes late entering the woods, With the 1st of the hard/easy options blasting through the ever greens when about another 4 minutes later the hard/easy option number 2 the easier option is about 35 seconds longer!!, With the hard option can you get up that hill??.. And save about 35seconds!!.

Once up the top the Corse twist and turn his way across the top of the hill through the ever greens into the old woodland before dropping down into the back end of the fields when you get the 3rd hard/easy option again with a saving of about 30seconds Ridgeway nailed it with Hopkins on his tail they were the only 2 to make it to the top while others tried but never got to the top so they had to use the chicken run out to join the easy loop.

1st around the opening lap was Ridgeway/Hopkins/Breakwell/Twentyman/Neil Thomas/Dan Bishop/Sam Jones/Scott Meredith/Steve Biddle/Gethin Francombe/Tom Smith with Richard Perkins the 1st none Expert through to lead the Clubman charge with Mojo Porter mixing in flying the Vets flag, next Clubman was Leighton Roberts and Harry Hillier Rees chased by the rest of the Experts Jerry Adams/Adrian Evans and Rhys Jones, 1st of the Novice-Beginners through was Nathan Jones well ahead of Tayler Darby Jack Davies and Adrian Potter.

After the 4th lap Scott Meredith was dropping back and with his dad watching it was the fact he was missing out the 2nd hard loop that was costing him his time so with some encouraging words from dad he started doing it and began to pull back time on the others. By lap 7 Hopkins was forced to pull out with a reoccurring knee problem. Meredith slipped onto 2nd place with a great battle between Thomas/Breakwell/Curtis/Twentyman/Smith/Biddle and Jones all on the same lap,

The Vets class battle was between Chris Mojo Porter/Jerry Adams/Adrian Evans and Rhys Jones with Adams having a problem on lap 4..!!..It was then left to Porter/Evans and Jones to battle for the top places with Porter pulling and extra lap on the big KTM 530. The Clubman battle was lead all the way by Richard Perkins good to see him back after rd 2 when he had to pull out with back problems, the ever competitive Leighton Roberts was riding well and claimed 2nd both on 12 laps with harry Hillier-Rees taking a well deserved 3rd on his little 125. The Novice-Beginner class battle was left to Richard Holland/Ryan Nash and Nathan Jones with the early problems of Tayer Darby it was to end up with Holland taking the win with 9 laps Nash with 8 laps and 3rd was Jones with 7 laps.

Thanks to the land owner all Competitors their helpers/Marshals/1st aid/Snack Attack refreshments the spectators with their encouraging chants and help and not forgetting the fabulous Photographers'/Videos. Results Photos Photos Road Runner 

Next RD 17th July at the fantastic Monmouth track for rd 5 of CTR EVENTS Summer Series Championship see you all there 


Rob Breakwell Wins Rd 3 of CTR EVENTS Summer Series Hare And Hounds of the Baskerville ,
Report CTR Photo Roadrunner

CTR found this awesome new venue with ample hard standing parking 30 miles north of Pontypool, Baskerville Hall Set in 130 acres of the Wye Valley built 1839 where the inspiration of Conan Doyle's novel "Hound of the Baskerville's".

With plenty of sunshine on the week of preparation, A dramatic change in the weather Saturday and night letting rip with thunder and lightning the onsite campers were given a bit of a spooky night and some tents ended up inside some strange place's, It made a few extra demands to the Cross Country forest hillside course that get used buy 4x4 safari vehicles with some steep hills and descents that in some places left shinny rock climbs!

As 12 noon approached all the riders were lined up on the great start line with CTR giving the pre race chat with a warning of how "Icy it was" and bang on 12 the Welsh start flag drop as the Experts and Vets were set off with the Clubman 30 seconds later and 30 seconds after the Novice class were let loose to give chase,

With the extra slippery conditions on lap 1 giving that extra challenge as the CTR marshals worked hard to keep things running the pack started to stretch out leaving Rob Breakwell Tom Knill Jamie Jenkins pull a bit of a gap over Sam Jones Andrew Kytes and Greg Hurley chasing the lead pack, 1st Clubman around was Carl Davies on CTR's 2008 TM 300 closely chased by Leighton Roberts Dai Jones Mark Woodfine Dean Pitt Jack Davies and Richard Rossiter 1st Vet around was the every growing Andy Taylor who is really riding well and after all the bumps he as had its great to see him still getting up and competing well, the Novice class challenge was lead around by Josh Jones Will Cream Alan Dorel and young Tom Jennings with Aaron Martin close behind,

By lap 5 the course was drying out and the rider's starting to settle down to demanding course and the class battles were sorting them self's out, At the briefing on the start line CTR announced that the ground was very slippery and it would take a few laps to dry up and near the end of the lap was some tarmac and hard pack gravel and it would be a good opportunity to try out some super Moto skills LOL and with all the wanna bee's come a few early retirements Mike Kimber was Mr high side snapping his bits and bobs of his bike with Keith Tiley was on road marshal duty he was kept very entertained a would like to say thanks to the super Moto boys that had a go lol.

Scott Meredith retired with a puncture and Alex Stevens with a snapped clutch lever.

As the day went on the class positions looked settled with the top 3 in class and overall looking like the experts and overall going to Rob Breakwell on his 250 Yam 2nd Sam Jones on his KTM 300 and Tom knill on the Gasser taking and good 3rd, The Vets class went to superman Andy Taylor on his bike!! 2nd Adrian Evans on his Kawasaki 450, The every supper competitive Clubman class was won by superfast Dean Pitt from Merthyr 2nd went to Blackwood's own Carl Davies on the 2008 TM 300 ex CTR with another Blackwood boy taking a well ridden 3rd was Mark Woodfine "Yes mark you cleaned all the hills", The up and coming Novice class racers went like this 1st Aaron Martin 2nd with a big well done was young Jack Davies on his Yamaha 125 and in 3rd with again a big up to Tom Jennings on the KTM 125.

As the 150 minutes came to a close CTR dropped the chequered flag to close a great day of action packed Hare and Hounds Enduro racing at the end the riders were held for a riders meeting to iron out a few things and all at the end really had a good days racing and enjoyed the day any feed back please to info@ctrevents.co.uk next round June 12th so please get your entries in ASAP info at ctrevents.co.uk.

Thanks to all competitors' helpers land owners and everyone at CTR Events. Results

Gareth Hopkins wins CTR  2nd Rd at Monmouth
Report CTR Photo Roadrunner

With fantastic weather in the build up to CTR EVENTS Summer Series Championship Round 2 in the beautiful setting near the welsh boarders, The greatly set out fully taped up 3 and a half mile Race track was set for a great battle, Most people arrived early enough to walk most of the track and pick and chose some good lines and with the hard easy option at the old ruin extended so the risk if negotiated rite could save up to 25 seconds or more, A few more changes was made to the round 1 race track with bomb holes and jumps..

So the mode was set for the 12 Noon race start and with CTR getting all the bikes and their handlers lined up for a pre race chat no drammers to report, The packed start line of Expert/vets/Clubmen and Novice-Beginners were all ready and waiting for CTR to drop the starter flag and at click of 12 the Expert and Vets were set away Rob Breakwell Expert got to the corner 1st with Rhys Jones #415 1st Vet, Followed buy the so competitive Clubmen with Richard Perkins Leighton Roberts and Graham Owens very close into the 1st to the corner, Followed then buy the up and coming Novice-beginners hole shotted by supper quick Tayer Darby and Gareth Wilcox.

As the pack of hare and hounds spread out jostling for position it was about 9minutes later when #31 Scott Meredith came around to be lap scored 1st followed closely by Gareth Hopkins #2 and a few seconds later was the rest of the chasing pack of racers, The Vets class gentlemen was lead around by Ryan Leary #469/Chris Porter #466 and Adrian Evans #477, The 1st of the clubmen was lead around by Richard Perkins #55/Jamie Weller #76 and Leighton Roberts #52 with the rest of the hungry hounds chasing closely and hard…. The 1st of the pack of Novice-Beginners was lead around by Liam Phillips #263 with a bit of a lead over Taler Darby #214/Jack Smith #222 and the rest of the pack.

As Hopkins and Meredith set up for a real good days battling swopping and just measuring each other up on lap 5 at the hard loop high risk option of the old house Meredith lost control and dropped the bit Kawasaki 450 on to the boulders and smashed the right hand radiator and was forced to retire leaving Hopkins to enjoy playing with his self (again). When speaking to Meredith he said I was going to fast and never slowed down enough the bike jumped out of my hands and the rad was spilling out all my coolant so couldn't continue (gutted). With Meredith out Rob Breakwell moved up into 2nd but the real battle was for 3rd with Derry Milling Grant Churchward Gethin Francombe and Steve Biddle chasing each other very hard and fast, the Vets battle was basically all set with Ryan Leary pulling away Chris Porter trying to recover from his African rally trip still set in 2nd and Adrian Evans settling in for 3rd, The supper competitive Clubman class was battling between Richard Perkins/Leighton Roberts and Dean Pitt the boys were really setting a great viewing spectacle when poor Perkins suffered a reacquiring back injury and had to pull out leaving Roberts and Pitt to battle to the end with Graham Owens taking the last podium place great racing boys.

The novice-Beginner class was taking shape with Ian Phillips Jack Smith and Taler Darby having a little battle of their own, While out on his surveying travels CTR found Jack Smith stuck up to his neck in a muddy rut but he did a good job of freeing him self and back into the hunt, Also while out on his travels CTR got his blinking Quad stuck in front of a cameraman..!!, With everyone really enjoying the April sun and the race coming to an end the chequered flag was prepared and there was no one waiting near the flag and as CTR dropped the flag the only thing everyone wanted to do is more laps.

It was a great days racing and everyone really enjoyed this fantastic race track well done to all and thanks to all involved, Next round May the 8th at a new awesome venue in Hay on Wye (Baskerville Hall) contact Baskerville Hall if you want to make it a bit of a weekend beautiful setting see you all there thanks CTR EVENTS.Results - Photos roadrunner Richard Jones 

Battle of Monmouth
Rd1 of CTR Events Summer series 27th March
Report by CTR

With super Sunny weather for the 2 week track preparation, building up to the first round of the great CTR Summer Championship, the conditions were superb and 3 mile Hare & Hounds Race Track was all laid out and taped for a great days racing, Despite the change in the clocks, most of the competitors arrived early enough to walk the track, CTR had set out a great flowing race track with all sorts of going. As Noon approached CTR had all the riders and their Diablos lined up for a brief chat. Nathan Williams had entered on his new beautiful little Fantic 50cc and we had to change the plug on the line so kindly CTR told him to start it and leave it running LOL.!!.

So the mould was set and at dead on 12 Noon CTR dropped the starter flag to release the pack of Experts and Vets and with a mighty roar of power it was the big bore of Lee Jones's Husky 511 but he found it hard to then turn the corner so Scott Meredith/Vet Rhys Jones and the Gasser and the KTM of Rob Craig to take the 1st corner and blast away up the hill and faraway last Expert away was Gethin Francombe as he struggled to start the big KTM 530, Next away was the group of hungery Clubmen Holeshotted buy Andy Card on his mighty TM 300 followed by Paul Jones and smilly faced Mike Kimber. Then the flag dropped for the Novice class and 1st to the corner was Taler Darby James Tomson and Gareth Wilcoks . Bad luck hit Ryan Nash as his chain snapped on the 1st corner he had a link of CTR but after his clutch stopped as the chain damaged the slave cylinder.

As the Group of Expert and Vets tusselled, swapped and changed their way around CTR's Beautifuly prepared Race track 1st to appear at the lap scoring was Meredith "from the same little town as CTR - Ynysddu" chased buy Breakwell/Jamie Ovens/Grant Churchward/Sam Jones/Derry Milling and Vet Ryan Leary, 1st of the Clubmen was Paul Jones/Richard Perkins and Ross Mogford Next Vet was Adrian Evans/Dai Beer and Andy Taylor "Great to see you back on the bike Andy" Jamie Harris was the leading Novice around he had a big lead before followed by Darby Jack Smith and young Jack Denning-James with Nathan Jones and Jack's Dad Antony James chasing behind, Nathan Williams looked to be having a great time on the little Fantic 50 until he was spotted pushing it back with more carburation issues and it was never seen again that's a big same. Having lots of cutting out and not starting problems was Gretchin, Francombe on the big bike.

As the race day progressed and the course developed all the CTR marshals were having a great time as the mud holes appeaerd they all did a great job keeping things moving thanks to Pete and Jason for trying to direct the riders away from the deep mud holes sometimes to no avail , At the end off the 2 and half hour race the top 3 was Expert 1st Breakwell 17 laps 2nd Meredith 16 laps 3rd Churchward 16 laps, Vets 1st Leary 15 laps 2nd Beer 14 laps 3 Evans 14 laps, Clubman 1st Richard Perkins 15 laps 2 Leighton Roberts 15 laps 3rd Darren Escot 14 laps, Novice 1st Jack Smith 12 laps 2nd Dave Saxby 12 laps 3rd Dave Mears 12 laps.

Great days racing thanks to all Riders Marshals Lap Scorers Spectators Photographers Videos Reporters and Mostly The Land Owner

Very Well Done And see You All At CTR EVENTS S/S/C Rd 2 17th April Same Venue.

Results - Photos Enduronews - MLA 


CTR Events are run under the rules of the IOPD ""International Organisation of Professional Drivers". Rider require a recognised competition licences issued by IALRC/BSMA/NORA/NTET/MSA/ACU/AMCA/YSMA/NASA/SACU.or you can purchase an IOPD one day licence. NB ORPA licences are not recognised.

Gareth Hopkins wins Foxhill

CTR Racing and sunshine returned to Foxhill near Caerphilly on Sunday 6th March. It was a chilly morning but the midday start gave the riders the opportunity to warm up with a walk around the lap. There was lots to see. 

In the woods there was a big hill. There were also logs to hop over, tyres to bounce over and hard/easy routes to think over. The 60+ riders lined up into 4 groups - Experts, Clubmen, Veterans & Novices - as the 12 noon start time approached. Carl Tiley gave them his briefing and then flagged them away. 

Gareth Hopkins took the holeshot from Andy Frost with Joe Jones in third. From the line the riders stretched out across 2 field before entering the woods and tackling the Big Hill for the first time. The Experts blasted their way up the loamy slope without much difficulty but - as the roots began to appear - the good lines began to disappear. Carl and his team were everywhere pushing and encouraging the riders but as the Experts started their second lap a gate was opened at the base of the hill to release the backlog and keep the race flowing. The 1st of the Vets was Darren Williams, Adrian Evans and Jim Munden. The clubmen attack came from Leighton Roberts, Matt Lewis and Sam Jones. The Novice class were all chasing Gavin Tatchell and Richard Holland.

The awesome hill of roots with the Hard/Easy options at the far end of the race track was sorting out the places. The Hard option - if you get it right - could save the fastest riders about 18 seconds. Mike Rees had plenty of time. The point on his KTM 125 plug snapped and he spent most of the race in the pits. Greg Hurley's KTM 300 expressed it's unhappiness in a serious of smoke signals. 17 year old Josh Gotts traveled from Cornwall and he was going well until a Welsh tree proved to be a bit tougher than a TM radiator. Kalem Hicks has had the plaster taking off & he was hopping around on his crutches, 

At the mid way stage the positions changed as the leaders refueled. Joe Jones had a 30 second lead over Gareth Hopkins on lap 11 but as the track started to develop lines and the corners began burmed up, the pace began to heat up. Gareth Hopkins made his move to retake the lead and finished the overall winner with an awesome 18 laps. Joe Jones had a problem and pitted leaving Andy Frost to take the runner up and Rob Breakwell was third on 17 laps. The best Clubman was Sam Jones with 17 laps. Leyton Roberts was a late entry but an early finisher and he was the runner up. Richard Perkins was third. Mark Binding's challenge ended when Mark hit a tree and injured his leg. All the best Mark for a quick recovery.

2010 CTR Winter Series Champion Darren Williams won the Vets with 15 laps, Adrian Evans was 2nd and Dai Beer was 3rd. Andrew Webley was riding a borrowed GasGas 300 in his 2nd Enduro in 15 years. He did well to clock up 9 laps.

The best Novice was super fast Gavin Tatchell on his 250 Yamaha, Jack Smith was the runner up and Richard Holland was third. Gavin spoke to Carl at the end to confirm he would riding in the Clubman class for rest of the year. Luke Edwards set himself the real challenge of competing in his first Enduro on a J reg Suzuki 350DRS. He set the slowest lap time but he finished. John Morgan retired with cramp. 

After the event Carl Tiley commented "It was a great day's racing and everyone was impressed with the course and set up. This is a Fantastic venue. Thanks to all involved and all helpers marshals lap scorers burger van St Johns and land owner. Well done to all. See you at Monmouth on March 27th for round 1 of the CTR EVENTS Summer series 2011 Championship.

Results Photos More photos Keith Davies


Charlie Evans Wins CTR EVENTS
Winter Series Championship Final

Results Photos

CTR EVENTS Winter Series Championship come to a cool close at the Fabulous Tyr Shon Shenkyn on Sunday with a with a impressive track laid out with all the track tape up and banners and flags lining the start/finish area. All the riders/racers were all lined up on the start line as CTR gave a short riders breife the stage was all set and with the championship still up for grabs CTR dropped the welsh flag to set away the expert and Vets class's it was the Port Talbot massive of Greg Hurley/Jason Hurley & Jamie Jenkins closely chased by Adrain Evans and Darren Williams to the 1st and 2nd corner with Charlie Evans the last expert away Just as Charlie approached the 2nd corner CTR flagged the very competitive Clubman class away closely followed by the Novice Class witch included Jack Powell on his KTM 125 Jack has been great in the championship and already won the class.

As the riders come back into sight it was Greg Hurley/Freddie Broadway and Charlie Evans leading the pack with Darren Williams Closely chased by Steve Biddle/Rob Craig/Mick Rees Jason Hurley and Adrian Evans, Greg Hurley Forgot that CTR told them how slippery it was and dumped his KTM and 6 riders passed him. The Vet class was taking shape with it looking like it was going to be between Evans and Williams and Rhys Jones. The Clubman class racers was swapping places between Danny Morris/Richard Perkins/Andrew Keyte/Dai Jones and Gethin Francombe they were all really having a go, A couple of personal competitions was going on between the Brothers Francombe and Mark Binding and Luke Palmer with Tommy taking it from Gethin and Binding doing Palmer good to see some banter..!!!. The Novice class battle was between Jack Powell/Harry Phillips/Roger Holland/Richard Holland and Iain Randall, With Powell taking the win and 1 lap up over Roger Holland who was 2 laps up on Richard Holland.

With all the riders pleased to see CTR get the chequered flag ready it was dropped at the 2 and half hour the Expert class was 1st Charlie Evans 2nd Freddie Broadway 3rd Steve Biddle, The Veteran class win went to Adrian Evans 2nd Darren Williams 3rd Rhys Jones, The Clubman 1st Richard Perkins 2nd Dai Jones 3rd Andrew Kytes, The Novice win was taken buy Jack Powell 2nd Roger Holland 3rd Richard Holland.

Bawn again!
Report & photos by Bob Mullins

After being re-scheduled twice - due to the extreme weather conditions - the 3rd round of the Carl Tiley Racing Events Winter series finally took place at Tyr Shon Shenkyn on Sunday 2nd January. The recent thaw had worked wonders and the ground was in excellent condition. The weather was lightly overcast and very cold.

The two and a half race began at 12.00 noon. Veteran Terry Beecham took the holeshot from Steve Biddle. Derek Bawn was the last of the Experts off the line but by the 3rd corner he had carved his way up into 2nd. Richard Perkins led off the Clubman closely followed by Matthew Timms. Ben Slater was last away. It was the start of a problem day for him. Phil George was the quickest of the Novices away with Jack Powell pushing for the inside line.

By the end of the first lap Derek Bawn had taken the lead and Derek's brother Ryan had moved up into second place. Steve Biddle was in 3rd but by lap 3 he had dropped back to 5th behind Rhys Faulkner and Neil Thomas in 4th. Rhys is a motocrosser riding in only his second H&H to build up his fitness after a break through injury. Carlo Tiley had woven a tight course to make the most of the finite flat going on this predominantly sloping venue but there was inevitably some technical going and -despite the cold wind - the riders soon began to disguard their jackets as the pace heated up  Brothers Michael & Matthew Rees were both competing although they were lucky to get to the start on time after Matt pre-mixed the fuel with gear oil. The boys have been pre-occupied with their new toilet hire business. Ben Slater retired with a flat battery. After 2 hours the front wheel bearing of Neil Thomas' KTM collapsed & he retired whilst running in 3rd. David Mears had to watch the clock count down from the pits when he lost his rear pads but he crossed the line to finish.

Derek Bawn was the overall winner with 17 laps ahead of Ryan Bawn on 16 laps and Steve Biddle was 3rd. Andrew Keyte won the Clubman from Gethin Francombe. They both clocked up 1 laps. Adrian Evans was the best of the Vets and Terry Beecham was the runner up. Local rider Jack Powell won the Novices. Jack is very local as Tyr Shon Shenkin is his family's farm. His win clinches the Novices championship. 45 year old Phil George was the runner up.

  Results Photos Standings Video 

2 for 2
for Gareth
21st November

The 2nd Round of the CTR Winter series took place at Foxhill near Machen on Sunday 21st November. The conditions were wet but the weather was dry and drying. The organisers laid on a tractor to help the vans into the field. The tractor had been spreading manure recently which was great for opening the sinuses too. 

The main race started at 12.00 noon. Over a hundred riders climbed the hill to the start. Derek Bawn was the first off the line but Gareth Hopkins had jumped into the lead by the first corner. The fast blast across the start field was crucial as the course entered the woods and the riders began to bunch. The line through the trees was very technical with roots and cambers. Glen Phillips hit a tree and aggravated an old shoulder injury.

As the riders re-emerged into the field there was a hard/easy option. The top riders who had walked the course earlier opted for the quicker line. The majority of the Clubman class chose the easy route but the wet ground began to cut up and the CTR team were kept busy keeping things moving. Novice John Whitehead must have found some good lines as he finished his 1st lap in 7th place overall. Gareth Hopkins held his advantage until halfway around lap 2 when a mistake cost him the lead and Derek Bawn powered into first place.  Neil Thomas looked very fast in 3rd but Gareth was faster and he slowly began to retrieve the 30 second deficit over Derek.

World MTB rider Gee Atherton led the Clubman class chased by Gareth Berezinski & Dean Reed. First Vet around on lap one was Chris "Mojo" Porter ahead of David Goswell-Jones & Darren Williams. Before the event Carl Tiley recommended in his briefing that the riders should keep going and things would improve although the biggest improvement for many of the riders was the emergence of the chequered flag after two and a half hours.

Gareth Hopkins was overall winner. Neil Thomas was the runner up and Steve Biddle was 3rd. The best Vet was Chris "Mojo" Porter. He was a lap up on David Goswell-Jones with Darren Williams in 3rd, The Clubman class was won by Andrew "Cwmbran Gearbox" Keyte.  2nd was Gethin Francombe with Gee Atherton 3rd, The novices was won by John Whitehead, Jack Powell 2nd and Craig Hawkins from Cwmbran with 3rd. Craig will be moving up into the Clubman as soon as he learns his numbers.  Results - Photos Enduro News - Road Runner

After the event Carl commented "The weather really played his part in making a very challenging course and well down to all that stuck at it. Who was it that said pain is temporary glory is forever…!!!".

Next CTR EVENTS rd 3 is 5th December venue TBA

Hopkins shines at CTR

CTR EVENTS kicked off Round 1 of their Winter series with the promise of sun shine on this beautiful valley. CTR and the team had a H & H's race track set out that was simply one of the best you will ever ride. The parking, pits and start line were all in the same field. The course went into a old sunken road with a drop into a stream back, out to the road then up the stream, up a small banking, through some bogs, through a ford crossing into fields, woods, roads, over jumps up the fields into woods over some logs into a trench crossing back into the lap scoring.

The flag dropped for the Youth class at 10am and with a mix of big and little bikes on the modified shorter coarse. The 1st Youth around was 85cc rider Luke Arnell and he led all the way to the finish. Great riding! Next around on the first lap was Jay Sheppard/Ben Carroll & Henry Carroll. After 1 & half hours of racing the small bike win went to Luke Arnell and the big bike went to Jack Denning-James.

The Adult race saw the welcome return to Wales from Afghan of Kalem Hicks and the man of the day was new father and awesome rider Gareth Zack Hopkins. With the fantastic sight of over 140 riders on the start line CTR dropped the start flag for the 2 & half hour race at noon. First away were the Experts & Vets, 30 seconds later the Clubman then the Novice Class closely followed by Quads. First around the lap was Hopkins and 8 seconds behind Hicks followed buy Rhys Davies. First Vet around was Darren Warren chased by Ian Barnett & Darren Vincent. The Clubman class was led by Dan Thornhill & Nathan Blake. The novice battle was led by TM 144 rider Wayne Tibbles & Liam Phillips was 2nd.

For the 2nd lap the Stream was opened back up for a couple of laps. With the sun shine now drying up the track and the burms building on the corners, the course was really coming alive.  All the CTR Marshals were helping things moving. Farther and son team - Tom and Callum Brennan - were amazing the spectators with a great show on their awesomely mean-looking black Cannam.

With the 2 & help hour approaching the flag was dropped and the overall win went to Gareth Hopkins, 2nd Kalem Hicks 3rd Alan Wells, The Vets 1st Tony Beecham 2nd Darren Williams 3rd Darren Vincent, The Clubman 1st Dan Thornhill 2nd Harry Hillier-Rees 3rd Andrew Keyte, The Novice 1st Wayne Tibbs 2nd Jack Powell 3rd Chris Stevens Results Adults Youth Photos available from www.funtasticphotos.co.uk More photos www.roadrunnerphotography 


CTR EVENTS is just over 1 year old, It has been a steep learning curve - both good & bad. We have found some really good, totally new venues and we have put on 13 events. We have come across some people/other organisers/clubs with objective & disruptive input. Looking back we have learnt, adapted and improved. 

CTR have got things right most of the time when it comes to putting on fair and rideable courses for all abilities, However we have deffo got things wrong - like running Foxhill woods clockwise after 2 days of heavy rain. We should have tried to turning it around. We will only ever run anticlockwise from now on, At Fochriw we did a lot of work on the access road but it never got finished in time & yes we shouldn't of sent you down the stream cos it was too hard to get out!! However - apart from the Experts - you only did it once lol..!! We have since done lots more work to the access road and agreed on extra land for a much improved fast flowing course,

CTR EVENTS worked hard to get to Mountain Ash and all who attended that event said they really enjoyed it, We also worked very hard to get hold of Mamhilad though for the 1st event there we were limited to available land  CTR worked so hard cutting out a course that proved to be to tight but we have now agreed much more land and it will be one of the best H & H’s venues so come back next time we run there, At Foxhill woods we will be running a round or 2 of our winter series. Tyr Shon Shenkyn has really come together now with extra parking.  This friendly, little course is very popular but let us know what you think. We have put a track survey on our website www.ctrevents.co.uk  in order to improve what we do for you - the racers. CTR run with insurance provided by Doodsons Motorsport www.doodssonbg.com  0161 4193000. 

And so to the future..... This weekend CTR have another new venue set in a bowl valley with good access off Groesonen Road between Raglan/Monmouth. Parking/Start/Pits & Lap scoring in a field and the lap will be about 4 mile/12 minutes consisting of fast flowing fields with some wide open corners and jumps. Farm tracks/woodland - a great variety for all abilities. All class's as before Morning Youth Race & Afternoon Adult/Quads. Details .


CTR EVENTS had a fantastic race track all set up for their inaugural 4 hour team event at Tyr Shon Shenkyn near Pontypool on Sunday 5th September. The weather proved not be a team player and a light sprinkling of rain was ordered to keep the dust down. With a high wind whistling through the tapes the organisers planned a rolling start with chief marshal Wayne Golding leading the field on a sighting lap.

Carl Tiley flagged away the 4 hour group at just after 11.00 am and as they came around 11 minutes later it was race on. Welsh Trials Champion #20 Gary Jenkins was in the lead followed by #167 Greg Hurley and #1 Gareth Bez in 3rd. The leaders were closely chased by youth rider #771 Jack Powell. With his  Trials experience Gary Jenkins was uncatchable from the start and proved himself to be a new prospect for H&H/Enduro racing. He was never challenged by Greg Hurley who always had 2nd place covered. The race for 3rd was hotting up between Gareth Bez & Jack Powell with Jack taking it on the 5th lap, The Distinguished gentlemen Adrian Evans & new Vet Dai Beer were having an enjoyable plod around with Adrian taking the honours over David. The novice class was taken by Jack Powell who would have been 3rd overall 2nd went to Lee Hame great ride on a XR 250 3rd was the 2010 CTR novice Champion John Whitehead, The team of Josh Jones & Len Giles took the win from 2nd Brian Ali & Jonathan Treeby. 3rd was Father and Son Paul & Jake Thomas,

At 12.30 Carl flagged the 2 & half hour gang away and with Gethin Francombe left on the line trying to put his goggles on and start his race machine he was last away but as the field came around to complete their 1st lap Gethin was in the lead. Gethin and Tommy Francombe ended up having a bit of fun racing each other at the race. It was team Ponty Suzuki taking the top 3 places of Gethin "Chica Bom" Francombe, 2nd Tommy "No Grips" Francombe and 3rd Jamie "Armpump" Weller.

We had great feed back from riders some saying the best track they have ever ridden some not able to say much..!! Next Event 9th 10th October.

Results - Photos start of 4hr race only due to rain

It's Bawn Again At CTR..
20th June - Manhilad
Photo by Bob Mullins

If Hollywood re-made the Field of Dreams, Carl Tiley would have to be cast in the Kevin Costner role. His conviction that "if you build it, they will come" has resulted in some of the most innovative courses & Manhilad was no exception. He laid half a mile of hardcore just to get the riders to the start. The forest has not been used before & the dense undergrowth was almost impenetrable. The CTR team had to hack the route out with machettes. One man died for every mile that they cut or at least had a nasty blister.

At 10am the flag dropped for CTR EVENTS Youth Race & yet again hole shot king little George Saunders got up the earliest and away 1st!!, As the little revvers followed him into the woods 1st to manage the lap was Scott "the rock" Lloyd followed by Josh Greedy "son of & bro of"! Chased by Saunders Jack Davies & after a close 90minite race it was Lloyd to take yet another CTR win 2nd Davies 3rd Saunders.

At Noon CTR dropped the flag for the Experts & Vets. Rally specialist Simon Pavey took the holeshot on his BMW G450X with Steve Biddle in 2nd & Derek Bawn 3rd. With CTR knowing he had a 2 minite window before they re-appeared back onto the start straight he only allowed a 20second gap before the clubman were waved away then the Novice-Beginners. Leighton "onky" Roberts was last away after spotting an oil leak on his new KTM & dashing back to the pits for a blob of putty & a look at the guarantee. .

At the end of lap 1, the first to appear out of the trees was Steve Biddle chased by flying Vet Simon Pavey both closely followed by CTR master Derek Bawn, The first Clubman rider through was Mark "*ockster" Woodfine chased by Craig Thomas followed by the other Vet riders Adrian Evans & David Johnson. Fastest of the Novice-Beginner around was John Whitehead. The leading battle between Biddle, Pavey & Bawn swapped around for 5 laps until the big BMW of Pavey began to fall back & leaving the other two to pull away, So it was about 90 minites in to the Race when Bawn made his move and showed the benefit of a larger fuel tank & put in faster & faster laps & pulled a good lead & at 150 minute mark he lapped Biddle on the course also managed to cross the line with only 50 seconds before the 3hours, As it was Biddle the 1st man to see the Chequered flag Derek "Master" Bawn pulled yet another lap.

In the closely contested "ever so competitive" Clubman class, the top places were left down to Jamie "chipper" Jenkins, Leighton "onky" Roberts & Greg "rocky" Hurley as Woodfine lost a few places pitting and fuelling himself. Jenkins seemed to have it in the bag with Roberts right on his tail. They both had a 2 minute lead on Hurley & going into the last lap, Jenkins had it over Roberts but as they reappeared it was Roberts that - when another rider blocked the track - reacted quickest and found his way around - passing Jenkins at the same time so Roberts - starting last - managed the win by only 1 second over Jenkins Great racing boys.

Still ever the competitors, Vets class went to Adrian Evans who managed 1 extra lap over Pavey - 2 laps up on the little 125 Husky rider David Johnson , The Novice-Beginner class went to the soon to be "Clubman" John Whitehead, 2nd was Lee Pontin, 3rd Dave Chapman. At the end of the Race CTR presented the trophies and all had a social chat and agreed this was another great venue set up by the CTR team, Next race 4th July at Fochriw Nr Bargoed & there will be a extra loop "Learn Ride Enjoy".  

Results Youth Adult Photos www.funtasticphotos.co.uk 


This weekend Carl Tiley revived one of the most spectacular venues in South Wales. In 2000, Pen Rhiw Carodog Farm near Mountain Ash was the site of the BEC Millennium 2 day enduro & the open moorland test that delighted a youthful David Knight was an ideal for a CTR cross country event The parking area was ample but it was dwarfed by the vast panorama that stretched out in all directions over the tops of the hills. The weather was hot as Spring exploded into full Summer.

The youth race started at 10.00. Once again Scott Lloyd was the well deserved winner on his familiar Kawasaki. Jack Denning James was 2nd. He clocked up 7 laps despite having to change a plug. He & his dad Anthony had traveled down from Ledbury & they would have plenty to reminisce about on the long journey home. Aaron Bowen was 3rd. Ross Truszkowski's dad had to flash the tube when Ross's Honda incurred are impact puncture. Harri Phillips crashed & injured his left thigh. The safest option was to evacuate him by Air Ambulance & Harri got to ride in a Sea King. After x-rays Harri got the all clear. #301 KTM Jack Davies also bore the scars of an unexpected impact that took off the headlight & his peak.

The main race started at 12.00 noon. #21 Gary McCoy took the holeshot followed by #17 Derek Bawn. Most of the course could be seen from the start as their field weaved over the moorland & jinking in & out of the broken walls. There were several climbs & they mostly ended unexpectedly - a hidden step in the narrowest part of the course that needed some extra thinking not to get stuck and have the rest of the field shouting behind you. Then into a quarry with a stone slab, a small rock step, a loose climb or just a load of fresh air before the riders descended into the welcome shade of a cool forestry section 

As you left the forest CTR put a hard/easy Loop option the hard option was straight up then up again between some rocks up a goat track if completed successfully would save 30 seconds. Then you were back up onto the top through a bit of a bowl over some more rocks then a rest down the road to approach the cluster of rocks just before the lap scorers. At the end of first lap Derek Bawn led from Gary McCoy. Vet Ray Whittle made his way up from last away to 3rd & Clubman David Smith made his way up into 4th. The race was stopped at 12.30pm for 10 minutes to allow the air ambulance to land & take off. Joe Banks #211 & Tommy Harvey #236 had come all the from Guildford in Surrey to ride in  Wales for the first time. Lady quad rider Beverley Barnes broke her chain. #511 Richard Bradford also snapped his chain. Andy "divvy" Card needed a big tyre lever to straighten his chain guide.

Derek Bawn was the overall winner with 17 laps & Gary McCoy was the runner up with 16 laps. The best clubman #140 David Smith on 16 laps #152 Leon Davies was 2nd. #52 Daniel Newman was 3rd with 15 laps. Rhys Jones won the Vets with 14 laps ahead of #496 Darren Vincent & #435 Ray Whitle was 3rd with 12 laps. Young Liam Phillips won the Novice class. Collin Griffiths was 2nd & John Whitehead was 3rd. They all did 14 laps. Tom Brennan's disabled son Callum from Colchester in Essex had a whale of a time riding with his dad on a modified Can-Am quad. After the race Carl presented the pair with a very special father & son trophy.Next Race 13/06/2010 Venue TBA. 

Shane tames Tyr Shon Shenkyn @ CTR EVENTS…
Report by Carl Tiley Photos Bob Mullins

At 10.00am on a bright, chilly May morning in the scenic setting of Tyr Shon Shenkyn nr Pontypool, East South Wales, CTR dropped the welsh flag for the ever keen Youth race. Goerge Saunders got the holeshot as they disappeared out of sight to challenge the shortened course. As the crowd waited, it was the very talented local rider Ben Howells who came into view first followed by Scott Lloyd & Kieran Green. Scott was pushing hard when he caught a kicker that threw him into the air & he landed heavily but carried on. With half hour left to go CTR opened up the big lap for the Youths. Towards the end Josh Wilson lost his swinging arm spindle nut. An eagle eyed spectator spotted the spindle working loose & Josh had to sit out the rest of the race on the line. Ben Howells was never challenged & he took the win, Kieran Green was 2nd & Scott Lloyd was 3rd. After the race Scott had his knee bandaged by the St Johns Ambulance team. "The injury wasn't enough to stop me" he said.

So came 11.50 and with most the Adults on the line and ready to race there were 2 riders missing. The naughty, little Merthyr tikes "Rhys & Shane" required a shout on the load hailer. 5 minutes to the start all were lined up in 4 ranks and at bang on 12 noon, CTR dropped the flag and got the Expert/Vet race away. Rhys Davies got the holeshot from #2 - leaving Shane Careless to be last away. 30 seconds later the clubmen got away. #167 led off the clubman. #123 took a tight line into the first corner. The line snapped & #123 went down. #52 was last away. The third rank was the novice class. #263 first was first away & #266 was last but he did an impressive wheelie to blow out the cobwebs. Last way was the quads. They were very impressive with sideways cornering and massive wheelies down the straight as the people watching gasped with excitement. The course weaved around the southern facing slopes of the hill farm in a familiar series of climbs & descents. As we all waited to see who would come back into view 1st it was # 22 Rhys Davies closely followed by # 8 Shane Carless, Derek Bawn 3rd and Lieghton onkie Roberts leading the clubman charge, 1st Vet was Adrian Evans followed by Mark Saunders and Brian Collins, 1st novice through was Mark Whitehead with Liam Phillips 2nd & Craig Hale closely behind with Liam taking the win from Whitehead and Hale. Best wishes to Luke Palmer who crashed while trying to pass another rider reports are nothing broken and he is fine and well.  

As Shane Carless settled down with winning the race, it was great racing between Rhys Davies & Derek Bawn. At just over the hour Derek took Rhys and got himself a good lead - which he held. So the win went to Shane Carless 2nd Derek Bawn 3rd Rhys Davies, The Clubman class taken by Lieghton Roberts chased down by 2nd placed Greg Hurley 3rd went to Carl Davies on CT's old 2008 TM 300 Great ride Carl, The Vets went to Adrian Evans 2nd Goerge's Dad Marl Saunders 3rd Brian Collins, Brian set the fastest lap times but he lost 30 minutes when his chain snapped. #56 also lost time adjusting his jetting to compensate for the new HGS pipe.The novice class went to new boy Liam Phillips 2nd Mark Whitehead 3rd Craig Hale, The Quad Bros had a great day come home safe and well with Aaron 1st and Saul Coles 2nd. Saul lost a couple of laps with a seized rear brake caliper.

Results Photos mlaphotography Funtasticphotos

This is a great little friendly venue enjoyed by all riders/helpers & spectators, Next Race is Mountain Ash 23rd May www.ctrevents.co.uk  learn ride enjoy CTR.

A marshal boils a kettle for a brew up on Saul Cole rear disc.

Champions of the future?

Martin Colwell fine tuning his suspension with a hammer.

Jamie Weller shakes off some armpump while his spannerman Gareth Wilcocks fuels up.

Rhys Penybanc'd his 1st win @ CTR EVENTS
Report Carl Tiley Photo Bob Mullins

With a full 2 weeks without rain, CTR ordered a sprinkling on Saturday night, and a few light showers on Sunday just to keep the dust down.

With the youth & small quads lined up ready to start their 10 o'clock race, CTR had to wait for two naughty schoolboys Scott "the rock" Lloyd & his mate Aaron Bowen, So the flag dropped @ 10.15 for their shortened track, The lead swapped & changed as the challenging track kept catching them all out. At the end of the 90 minutes, the win went to Valley boy Josh Ford, 2nd Scott Lloyd & 3rd Aaron Bowen.

By 12 o'clock all the Adults were already lined up for their 3 hour battle as they were briefed and entertained by CT. The flag dropped at 12.05 for the Experts & Vets. As they reached the 1st stream, it was Rhys Davies out in front and he was really pushing himself as the rest of the pack followed & tried to hunt him down, 30 seconds later the flag dropped for the Clubmen and it was a great sight as they raced away like a pack of crazy hounds on their dirt bikes, Another 30 seconds later and the more laid back Novices & Beginners set off in pursuit. It took Rhys Davies (22) about 5 minutes to come into sight in the woods section. He dropped down into the 300 yards stream challenge which he expertly negotiated as well as the cambered climb out of the stream, The next dozen or so riders managed the climb before one rider got stuck and caused a jam of riders. With the help of all the spectators and CTR marshals pushing, steaming and puffing to keep the field moving. Meanwhile Rhys had extricated himself from a drainage trench and crossed the line with a lap time of 9 minutes. He was followed buy Steve Biddle / Simon"Rodney"Jones / Malcom Lean / Ryan Williams & 6th across the line was the 1st Clubman Greg Hurley.

After 40 minutes, the CTR marshals cut the stream for all apart from the Experts -  they had another 30 minites of fun before CT kindly thought he would give them a rest. Then all eyes were on the bog & drainage trench with plenty of entertainment for riders and spectators as on a more & more bikes were getting stuck and marshals and spectators were getting tired. Eventually CTR diverted the course around the ditch. At 15.05 CT dropped the chequered flag and congratulated every Enduro racer across the finish line. It was a great days racing and all the riders felt they had been in an endurance race. Results - Photos MLA photography - Funtasticphotos 

Next CTR EVENT 8/9th May see www.ctrevents.co.uk 

So Special Greg at CTR
Sunday 21st March - Lower Machen

After a bleak week setting up his Foxhill Woods course in the rain, Carl Tiley was rewarded with a sunny race day & a class entry. Greg Evans, Gethin Price, Rich Warner & Tyson Maytom-Jones joined CTR regulars like Derek Bawn & Dave Nuttall. There was a slight delay to the 11.00am start but the field were flagged away by the Welsh dragon at 11.15am. The course was a reverse of the last round - with an Experts loop. Carl had found a disused quarry in the woods & filled it with tree trunks. Dave Nuttall took the holeshot but Greg Evans led by the time the Experts arrived at the quarry. He stalled on the exit hill but fired up his Korr Mounter KTM 300 EXC-F & powered away. Gethin Price was the last to fire up his motor on the start line & he opted to tackle the extreme climb to make up time but as the slope increased & the loose leaf litter gave way to slippery bluebell shoots he lost traction & momentum. Before the inevitable. he whipped his KTM around & joined onto the tail of the class.

By the start of the 2nd lap Greg Evans had established a 2 minute lead. Gethin had also made up for lost time & he had carved his way through the field into 2nd place. Derek Bawn was 3rd & Tyson Maytom-Jones was 4th. By lap 4 Greg was beginning to catch the slower Experts & the quarry was becoming a bottle neck so the loop was cut

For the rest of the field the reverse course was also proving to be a challenge. The sun was drying the ground quickly & the grassy fields were getting quicker but the cambered climbs at the top of the wood were threaded with roots that alternated breakaways on the front & rear wheels. Dan Price had taken the holeshot in the Clubmen class but once the riders entered the woods it was experience that proved more useful than youthful enthusiasm. Leighton "Onkey" Roberts was the first clubman to complete a lap. The fight for 2nd was close between Ian Sutterworth, Jamie"Chipper"Jenkins & Andy Kytes, As Carl wiped the number plates, he got plenty of feedback. Derek Bawn gambled on a light fuel load but he came up half a mile short at the 2 hour mark. Fortunately it was mostly downhill to the finish. Tyson Maytom-Jones lost his clutch. He thought it was most likely the basket as the loss was so sudden. Jessie Say from Bath retired with an injured hand when a footrest pinned it to the ground. 

At 2.15pm Carl brought out the chequered flag. Greg Evans was the winner from Gethin Price (right). Derek Bawn was 3rd, Dave Nuttall 4th, Neil Thomas 5th & Freddie Broadway was 6th. Leighton Roberts won the Clubman class ahead of Jamie Jenkins. The vets class was won by TM mounted Morris Gooding with Jerry Adams having a bad 2nd lap he was chasing Morris hard.  

After the course was cleared the youth riders were given one & half hours on a reduced lap. Jack Davies took the holeshot with little George Saunders on his 65cc KTM second away. Scott Lloyd was the winner & Aaron Bowen was runner up. George Saunders also did 8 laps.

Results - Photos - Feedback

"CTR doesn't do things by half. Hard for the mere mortals amongst us but the course hit the mark and kept you going back to test yourself once more. Marshals were excellent, there would have been even more carnage without them". Morris Gooding

"A superb track, at a great venue. Testing conditions due to the weather but the marshals helped out amazingly. CTR series of races is a must do". Dave Chapman (Bristol)

"Difficult every lap, good hard challenge". #177 Dia Beer 

feedback on the CTR race 21 March

"I had a great day out. xlnt course. tough in places but all rideable and lots of fun. It's great to go to an event where there is no hassle about membership / licenses / tyres and just go out and ride. here's what could be done to improve it.
1. changes to the start line so the bikes aren't all leaning down the hill.
2. more marshalls on the tricky hills in the early laps
3. ropes for the marshalls on the hills
4. stop the course cutting.
I think most people don't want to cheat but if the course isn't taped and marked and there are lots of loops it's unavoidable. For example,  I took a few shortcuts, by mistake, because the course was changing every lap and there are lots of different people shouting out which way to go so it's just not clear which is the right way. Also because I was following other riders and I'm not likely to stick to the course when others are cutting out the tricky bits. I was just enjoying the ride and racing against a mate so not a problem for me, but if I was going for a result I'd be annoyed at how unfair it was. I don't know what the solution is except to put up more tape and keep fixing it during the race". regards, Gary Clarke

Greg Evans' in his new KTMOffroadRacing kit (photo: Martino)

Expert start (photo: Martino)

Greg Evans crosses the winning line


Scott Lloyd wins the Youth race

Clubman start (photo: Martino)

Tyson Maytom-Jones & Derek Bawn 

Carl & Ben setting up 

Aaron Bowen & George Saunders 

Bawn again
Tyr Shon Shenken
7th March
Report & Photos by Bob Mullins

Derek Bawn won the second round of the 2010 CTRacing series at Tyr Shon Shenken near Pontypool on Sunday 7th March. The race began at 11.00am. The weather was crystal clear with a biting cold easterly wind. Everyone kept warm by keeping busy. With 15 minutes to go, Andy Morgan was fitting a new tyre for Leon Davies. Leyton Robert's KTM fell onto another bike in the parc ferme & sustained some seat damage. Leyton & & his mate Andrew Jones had ridden to the event from their homes over a mile away. The story of their epic journey may the serialized on Radio 4. 

Before the start Carl Tiley briefed the riders to take care on the first lap as the ground was still frozen in places. As he dropped the Welsh Dragon, Neil Thomas took the holeshot. Kalem Hicks was the last of the Experts off the line. #95 led off the Clubman & Gavin Jones had a lightning start in the Novices on his Suzuki. 205 probably recalled Carl's warning as he spun off on the first corner. The course was run in reverse of December's final of the CTR Winter series.

At the end of the first lap Derek Bawn led. Kalem Hicks had worked his way up through the field into second & Neil Thomas was 3rd. Aaron Richards had a baptism of ice & fire riding his first event. No sooner had he repaired a front wheel puncture than he had to replace his front end sprocket. Phil Weston was riding Sean Tedstone's Christini & the steep climbs gave the 2 wheel drive technology plenty to get to grips with.

At 12.00 noon the Junior were flagged away. Jamie Jenkins was winded when he took a soil sample on one of the downhills. 205 also found Jamie's line irresistible & equally treacherous. Gavin Phillips was taking his time - running in  his new 250F Husqvarna. Junior Jake Phillips lost half a lap when he threw his chain. Carl dropped the flag at 2.00pm. #51 pushed in with a flat tyre. Derek Bawn was the overall winner from Kalem Hicks & Neil Thomas was 3rd. Luke Williams was the best of the Clubman. Despite his arduous journey to & from the event, Leighton Roberts was 2nd & Jamie Jenkins got his wind back to finish 3rd. 

Results - Video by Tom Davison  Photos available from bob@enduronews.com or Funtastic photos 

Photos available from bob@enduronews.com or Funtastic photos 

Kalem Hicks: King of Foxhill
Machen near Newport - 14th February

The conditions for Sunday's 1st round of the CTR Championship were perfect, The ground was dry & the sun shone. Foxhill is an excellent "new" venue on the side of the main road from Newport to Caerphilly with a tremendous view of the Bristol Channel. There was ample parking in the large, flat start area. The 4 mile lap made the most of the fields & the woods, There is a clue to the nature of the going in the name Foxhill. It's a hill & there were plenty of climbs, cambers & drops to remind the riders of that fact.

The start was at 11.00am - plenty of time to pen a St.Valentines card & leave it on the mantlepiece. Ryan Bawn took the hole shot with the Royal Logistics Corps' Kalem Hicks in 2nd. From the start the riders climbed up the edge of a steep field & dived straight into a hawthorn hedge that ran for a couple o hundred yards. Blackbirds make it look easy but it's not. On the plus side it strung out the riders before they entered the dark nadgery of the woods. The climbs were lit by dappled sunlight that filtered down through the trees. It highlighted some roots & stumps but not all. As the course rose up the slope, the hairpins became tighter. The top lads neatly lofted the front wheel & pirouetted on the rear. The rest hung on. The cambers were laced with a carpet of roots that polished up nicely. Towards the end of the lap, the course dropped twice down two steep 20 feet banks into the fields. Thankfully the grass was very dry.

The final obstacle was an intellectual challenge. The course split into an easy & a hard loop. The intellectual challenge was to realise that the easy route was shorter. It proved to be the doom of many of the brave (crazy) leading experts. While smoke & the sound of revving motors rose from bikes stuck on the tree roots, Kalem Hick's RLC training directed him along the easy route & into the lead. Cartwheeling stunt boy Derek Boss Bawn may have caught a glimpse of him as hung in the air. As the race continued the soft loamy soil banked up on each corner into a very rideable course but the hills still needed plenty well positioned power. On lap 3 James Leighfield retired with a seized motor.

The Youth class was flagged away at 12.00 noon. They were separated from the Adults on a couple of the trickier sections for safety. Just before the halfway point Kalem Hicks dropped back to 2nd & Adrian Deeley moved to the front but Kalem was on a mission & he soon regained the lead. At the end of the 3 hour session, Kalem was the winner & Adrian was the runner up. They both completed 18 laps. Derek Bawn was 3rd. Leighton Roberts was the best Clubman & Andrew Keyte was the runner up. Jamie Jenkins & most of his KTM came home in 3rd. Gerald Poole won the Vets ahead of Adrian Evans. In the Youth class, Scott Lloyd was the winner from Harri Phillips.

Results - Photos 

Ryan Bawn leads Kalem Hicks off the start.

Jamie Jenkins prays that his KTM will find  a soft place to land. Sadly his prayers were not answered. More profits for Acerbis.

In the woods the route gets rooty.

Next to the fence it's advisable to be defensive


13th December 2009.

Derek Bawn wins the final round of the Winter series 

On Sunday, Santa Carl Tiley gave the boys an early Christmas present in the form of another great new venue. Over the years, Tyr Shon Shenken mountain farm has developed into the archeologist's dream of disused tracks & scrubbed hedgerows that is ideal for enduro riding. The sloping fields are covered in a soft loam that gave the riders lots of grip & the constant changes of direction & gradient gave them them lots to think about.

The weather was overcast with a threat of snow that never materialised but it brightened in the afternoon. GasGas Uk rider Gareth Hopkins had entered after a long break with a niggling shoulder injury. He underwent surgery 10 weeks ago & he was keen to see how the arm was recovering. Veteran Chris Siroko - who now runs a trailriding business in Spain - was in the UK & he came along to help with the lap scoring. TNT Racing of Llabdysul brought along the bits we all forget.

Before the start, Ryan Golding took the all the riders on a sighting lap & Carl dropped the flag on the Experts at 11.20. Gareth Hopkins on the Gasgas was the first away & he took the holeshot - closely followed by Neil Thomas on his KTM. The riders dropped down the start field, along a fence & up again then they dropped down a second field & so the course continued with the regular interruption of a "step up" or "step down" to ensure that the clutch lever didn't feel left out. Chris Price led the Clubman away from Jamie Jenkins on his Suzuki. Nathan Blake was first away - for the last time? - in the Novice class. At the end of the first lap Gareth Hopkins led from Derek Bawn. 

David Taylor - in the Elf costume - spent some time in Santa's workshop after pulled the end off his choke his choke & snapped a lever. With more than a touch of irony, the amply proportioned Jerry Adams #99 rode in a skeleton's costume. Kyle Proctor had no problem with the hills in one gear but he went better after pitting & refitting his gear lever.  #236 was cutting out but a new plug got him running again. John Whitehead lost his coolant. A top up from Carl's dad's sponge bucket got him going but not for long. 

After an hour Gareth Hopkins dropped his bike to avoid a back marker & temporarily lost the lead to Derek Bawn. He won the lead back within a couple of laps but the stain on his shoulder was beginning to show & he retired. Derek re-took the lead & he went on to take the win with 24 laps. Neil Thomas was 2nd with 23 laps & Dan Bishop was 3rd with 21 laps. Grant Churchwood was the best Clubman ahead of Dia Jones. Nathan Blake won the Novice class with 19 laps. Jack Powell on home ground won the Youth class with 14 laps from Kate Walker with 12 laps. Harri Phillips was 3rd with the aid of Red Bull.

Full results Photos available from bob.mullins@virgin.net FREE 

For CTRacing 2010 dates - See Events

29th November 2009.

Neil Thomas wins Rd3 of the Winter Series

The unexpected loss of Jeff Miles Motopark set Carl Tiley the extra challenge of finding a new location for the 3rd & 4th rounds of his CTR Winter series. The new venue is on the slopes of Twmbalan beneath the prehistoric tumulus near Henlys & the 5 mile lap offered every kind of going that the riders could want. The start was on a hard standing in a farmyard. Parking was limited but it was sufficient for the hardcore who were prepared to face the horrendous weather conditions as a bitterly cold east wind blew sharp rain into the faces of riders & organisers alike.

In the Expert class, Ryan Williams took the holeshot from Neil Thomas in 2nd. Jamie Jenkins from Port Talbot was the quickest Clubman off the line. Weeks of rain had left the ground sodden. After snaking around the fields the riders dropped down into a woodland copse & alongside the reservoir to a uphill that tested everyone. Fortune favoured the bold. Mark Smith took a big handful. A bit too big. He snapped the throttle cable of his kdx  The lap continued to climb towards forestry with easy & hard options. By lap 2 the easy options were the only options.

On his second lap, Army rider Kalem Hicks had built up a half a minute lead over Ryan Williams. Ryan had an eventful race. Firstly when his CRF front pipe worked loose & then he snapped his chain. Andrew Keyte had fitted a new rear tyre & he had to stop to adjust his chain. Nathan Blake had to remove a link when his chain stretched beyond the adjustment but he still won the Novice class.

With no sign of improvement in the weather, Carl decided to cut the race to 2 hours. In the Expert class Kalem Hicks was the clear leader until - within a mile of the chequered flag - his piston blew. Ever the competitor Kalem pushed across the line to take 3rd. Neil Thomas was the winner & took the lead in the Championship. Tom Davies was the runner up.

Henlys is a cracking course. It was a tough day but it wasn't too tough for plucky Katy Walker who kept going to finish 3rd in the Youth class. Next event: 13th December.  Entry forms Training School - Youth - Adults

Experts 1st Neil Thomas 13 laps, 2nd Tom Davies 12 laps, 3rd Kalem Hicks 12 laps
Clubman 1st Jamie "chipper" Jenkins 13 laps 2nd Chris Price12 laps  3rd Carl Davies 11 laps
Novice 1st Nathan Blake 9 laps 2nd Mark Lonnegan 9 laps 3rd David Taylor 6 laps
Youth 1st Jack Powell 3rd Katy Walker

Full results - Photos

8th November 2009.

Glen Phillips wins Rd2 of the Winter Series

CTR held the 2nd round of their Winter series at Jeff Miles Motopark on Sunday 8th November. Event organiser Carl Tiley described the 7 mile course as "all weather" & he certain got that as rain & wind battered Mynnydd Islwyn for the set up but Sunday morning was clear for the riders with a drying wind & the promise of sun later.

The race began a t 11.30 - following the observance of the Remembrance Day 2 minutes of silence at 11.00am. Glen Phillips took the holeshot & went straight into the lead followed by Mike Rees. Dave Nuttall from Trowbridge was 3rd. Opening marshal Wayne Golding described some of the grassy downhills as slick & as the riders finished their first lap there was some evidence of muddy backsides. More mud had also splattered the front number plates & Carl's dad was kept busy with the sponge cleaning them for the lap scorers although in several cases it did not help as some riders had chosen to express their creativity through their number plates. Minimalist favoured white on white while the free spirits weaved intricate patterns with duct tape which broke away to create pretty streamers.

By the halfway stage the sun was shining & the course had dried. Glen Phillips was still leading from Mike Rees when Mike lost his front brake fluid & he had to retire. Dave Nuttall moved up into 2nd. Unlike earlier, there was no lingering in the pits as most of the riders had settled into their rhythm. Unfortunately Wonky had lost his rhythm & disappeared off the course into some valley of self discovery. London Fire Brigade rider Pete Stewart missed the chance of extra lap by a couple of yards as the finishing flag dropped. One by one the riders crossed the line & Carl congratulated each of them. Haydn Powell's Grandson Jack had a good race & he won the Youth Class. 

1st Expert Glen Phillips 2nd Expert Dave Nuttall 3rd Expert Neil Thomas & crew
Glen Phillips 13 Laps
Dave Nutthall 12
Neil thomas 12
Lee warren 11
Luke rogers 10
Craig Warren 10
Jason Hurley 11
Jamie Jenkins 11
Dai Jones 11
Mark Woodfine 11
Andrew Morgan 11
Adrian Evans 11
Andy Keyt 11
Dai Beer 10
Gerath Bez 10
Greg Hurley 10
Mat Bowen 10
Ian Francis 10
Daniel Phillips 10
James Leighhfield 10
Andy Card 9
Mike Kimber 9
Len Giles 8
Pete Bullen 7
Steve Skinner 7
Phillip Tedstone 3
Matthew Timms 11
Nathen Blake 10
Andrew Edwards 9
Mark Slater 9
Mark Whitehead 9
Lee Pontin 8
Phil Jackson 8
Karl Moller 7
Jamie Cooling 6
Craig Hale 6
Pete Stewart 5

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18th October 2009.

A Perfect Day For Careless

The weather was perfect for round 1 of the CTR Championship,The grass set in the stunning venue of Jeff Miles Motopark initially was blanketed in the October morning due. At 9.55 the Youth class were aligned and ready to start their race. Carl Tiley advised the riders of the slippery conditions before the flag was dropped at 10am and the race commenced. The 1st rider to appear from the back of the MX track was young Jack Powell who lead from start to finish unchallenged I'm sure a talent to look out for in the future he was closely followed by Katie Walker & Harri Phillips who buy the end of the race had swoped place's to finish 1st Jack Powell 2nd Harri Phillips 3rd Katie Walker all on a fantastic 5 laps.

By the time the closing CTR marshal Calwyn Caz John followed the last Youth rider across the chequered flag. Carl Tiley had to turn around and start the Adult race. At just past 12 o'clock the drop of the Welsh flag the Expert race got away holeshotted buy Rhys Davies" buy only the 3rd corner the throttle came out and Dad the mechanic who forgot to connect it properly had to fix it"then at 1 minute interval's the Clubman & Novice class were flagged away.The 1st rider into view was Merthyr boy Shane Careless,30 seconds later Derek Bawn Closely followed buy Rob Lewis. The 1st Clubman through was young Gerald Poole, Alan Thomas then Ross Parry, The 1st Novice through was Matthew from Aberdare next was Nathan Blake & David Beard.

A fantastic course was laid out buy The CTR Team and buy the end of the Race's everybody had a very enjoyible day's racing at round 1 of the CTR Championship.

Shane Careless rode a faultless from start to finished and never looked like getting court,Derek Bawn had an excellent race with his 1 stop only'Rob Lewis kept his position coming in 3rd.

The Clubman race was won buy Matt Bowen from Blackwood on 10 laps well done good ride,Dai Jones came 2nd & 3rd was Leighton Roberts.

The Novice Class was won buy Tom White 2nd was Nathan Blake and Matthew Timms 3rd.

Thanks all for coming. Next round 7/8th November all welcome.

1 Shane Careless
2 Derek Bawn
3 Rob Lewis
4 Chris Bryant
5 Rhys Davies
6 NEIL Thomas
7 Lee Warren
8 Craig Warren
1 Matt Bowen
2 Dai Jones
3 Leighton Roberts
4 Alan Thomas
5 Andrew Morgan
6 Gerald Poole
7 Andrew Jones
8 Adrian Evans
9 Shaun Price
10 Jason Hurley
11 Carl Davies
12 Jamie Jenkins
13 David Johnson
14 Ian Francis
15 Paul Jones
16 Gavin Jones
17 Richard Caddick
18 Cefyn Games
19 Huw Tagg
20 Chris Addicott
21 Dai Beer
22 Chris Poole
23 Andy Card
24 Mike Jones
25 Rhys Meredith
26 Lawrence Hobden
27 Colin Hughes
28 Mike Kimber
29 Rhys Jones
30 Chris Bayliss
31 Tony Nelson
32 Rhys Jones
33 Chris Bayliss
34 Tony Nelson
1 Tom White
2 Nathan Blake
3 Matthew Timms
4 Kyle Bishop
5 Dave Beard
6 Gavin Tatchel
7 Mike Crumb
8 Mark Rogers
9 Lee Hammer
10 Lee Pontin
11 Alex Fawcett
12 Mark Millard
13 Tyrone Jones
14 Karl Moller
15 John Whitehead
16 Dan O'brian
17 Craig Hale
18 Paul Thomas
19 Gavin Phillips
20 Derek Fortune
21 Dale John
1 Jack Powell
2 Harri Phillips
3 Kakie Walker
4 Josh Ford
5 Scott Lloyd
6 Jack Davies
7 Jack Sheppard
8 Ieuan Williams
9 George Saunders
10 Harri Crumb

Autumn Championship

Carl Tiley Racing will be running four 2 day event over the next 3 months. The Saturdays will be all about training, practising & "having fun". The 2009 Championship will take place on the Sundays & the 4 rounds will be on the 18th October, 8th November, 29th November & 20th December. Adults and Youth with awards for the Championship. The Youth Race's will be starting at 10am for 90mins - finishing at 11.30. The 3 hour Adult race will start at 12.O'clock. Entry forms Training School - Youth - Adults

Probably the best ... 
Blackwood - 6th Sept Results

The 2009 Metzeler ACU British Enduro Champion Carl Tiley held the first of his training schools & events at Jeff Miles Motopark on the 5/6th September. 

The main event was scheduled to start on Sunday at 11am but there was a delay while the organisers waited for the ambulance to arrive. To fill in the time Carl took the riders out on a sighting lap & the start was re-scheduled for 10 minutes passed noon. At 10 past 1pm the youth class would join the Adults for their 2 hour race. The weather was perfect. 

The course was a 7 mile figure of 8 with the farm at the centre. From the start the riders rode the first half of the MX test & then climbed the hill to the quarry. The course then went through the farmyard & even through the barn. On the north side of the farm the adults descended into a boggy section but the youths were filtered past it. The riders then returned alongside the forestry & dropped into the dingle. The swooping curves of the old Mx test were in superb condition. The berms lightly guided the front wheels in while the back wheels could really dig in on the way out. The last section was the 2nd half of the MX track.

The Expert, Clubman & Sportsman classes were flagged away by Carl at thirty second intervals from a dead engine start. Mark Perrott #5 took the Expert holehot. Chris Evans was the quickest Clubman off the line but it was not his day & he retired after one lap. One of Mark Lonergan's handlebar bolts snapped on the sighting lap & he missed the start while replacing the bolt in the pits.

Carl estimated the lap at eighteen minutes & right on queue the first rider cross the line. It was Clubman Rhys Davies (right) from Banwen with Expert Mark Perrott (above) in second place. Rhys held the lead for the first 2 hours with Mark getting light headed on the fumes from his exhaust until Mark spotted an opening & he took the lead. Shaun Buchan was 3rd. Jerry Adams in 4th overall was the Best Veteran. 

Congratulations to James Leighfield #75 who finished 10th. He rode the last hour unaware that he had broken his wrist. "I had to have it put in plaster. Still, Great Day!"

Dirt is dirt but clay in the hands of a master craftman can become something very special & Carl Tiley is a master at laying out a superb course. He is planning his next event for 17/18th October. Don't miss it.

Expert winners 1st Mark Perrott & runner up Anthony Powell with his fan club.

Clubman winners: 1st Rhys Davies, 2nd Shaun Buchan & 3rd Jerry Adams

Novice winners 1st Andrew Burton, 2nd Matthew Timms & 3rd Mark Lonergan

Youth winners 1st Jack Powell, 2nd Harry Phillips & 3rd Joshua Lee Ford


More photos available from bob@enduronews.com free of charge. Email number.

More photos from John Davies